Biz Tips: Blogging for business — 7 articles you should write on your company blog

Biz Tips: Blogging for business — 7 articles you should write on your company blog


Blogging for business — 7 articles you should write on your company blog

Blogging for business is part of the content marketing strategy. Businesses write articles on their company blogs to attract leads and convert them into customers.

Here are 7 articles you should write on your company blog to build trust and connect with your audience:

1. My story

You may already have a Mission and Values webpage on your website (if you don’t have such a webpage, make sure you change that in the near future!).

While this webpage is important to your website and highlights your company’s reasons for being on the market, a My Story type of article is best hosted on the company blog.

Why should you write this type of article?

Because it is the perfect opportunity to connect with your audience in the most authentic way. Think about Simon Sinek’s why:

What’s your purpose? What’s your cause? What’s your belief?

Take your time in writing this article — it may be the most important and powerful article you will ever write.

2. Welcome to our blog!

Every visitor on your company blog should know what they get if they read your blog articles. This type of articles gives your audience a reason to read your company blog and maybe even subscribing to it (which is the main goal of every company blog).

Writing tips:

  • When writing this article make sure you keep the WIIFM — what’s in it for me — in your mind at all times;
  • Describe the benefits your audience will receive if they become regular readers;
  • Highlight how your blog articles will help them with their problems by giving them solutions and best practices;
  • Write about which categories of people or professionals your company blog is dedicated to.

3. Problems/Solutions

Your visitors arrive on your company blog looking for answers to their problems. Do extensive research on your customers’ problems and find what they’re searching for on Google, what questions they’re asking on social media groups or other sites (Quora is a good example or

You can also use social media listening tools to setup relevant keywords for your company, product/service or industry. They will give you valuable insight into what your customers are talking about on the world wide web which can be a source of inspiration for your articles.

This type of articles helps you build trust with your prospects and customers and keep your company top of mind.

4. Our employees

You can write a series of articles with each article highlighting one employee. Show their strengths, personal interests or hobbies.

If you want to change up the vibe of your company blog and surprise your readers try something different and feature a video of your employee in your article. Videos can be intimidating so make it easier for your employees by conducting a short interview: ask them a few questions they are happy to answer to.

This type of articles helps your readers connect with your company on a personal level. Maybe they will discover common interests with your employees, which will help your company become more relatable.

Also it’s a great opportunity to get your articles shared by your employees on social media — everybody loves getting attention from their peers, right?

5. Our customers

Similar to the Our employees, you can write a series of articles dedicated to your customers.

But we are not talking about reviews or Why our customers recommend us type of content. Sure, you can start by asking them how your product/service helped them in their business.

But don’t stop there! Take it to the next level and invite them to offer valuable insights or recommendations. The goal is to put the spotlight on their business. Maybe you can get a price reduction or any other incentive for your readers — that’s a great opportunity to get your article shared!

6. Comparisons

Today’s customers are digitally savvy and well informed. Before making a purchase they look for information from various sources: forums, reviews, social media etc.

When your customers are in the consideration stage of the buyer journey, they often look at two or three similar products. Comparing products can be time consuming and not everyone has the patience to conduct such activities in our fast-paced world.

Such a relief to your readers when your article delivers the information they need, helping them save time!

7. Community support

Companies exist to improve their customers’ lives. Whether it’s by keeping your baby’s skin dry or helping you clean the house quickly, their products or services help you in one way or another.

Then there is a higher purpose of any company: helping its community by getting socially involved.

Your company blog is your voice. You can use it to inform your readers of your products/services and give them solutions to their problems. But your company can support its community by getting behind social movements or causes that align with your company’s values and goals.

Your socially involved articles may attract readers that don’t fit your ideal customer profile. You may also find your article draws customers from your competitors. Why does this happen? Your article helped them connect with your company on an emotional level.

This type of articles helps your company position itself as a thought leader.

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