Office Space: Setup Wars – Episode 304

Office Space: Setup Wars – Episode 304


Setup Wars – Episode 304

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🔥Techsource Mousepads:
➡️Corey Wilson⬅️
Desk: Alex Drawers
Desk: Pinnarp Countertop
Monitors: 28 inch HP V28 4K
Monitors: Dell S3422DWG 34 inch, 2k, 144hrz, Ultrawide
Monitor Mount: Artic W1A wall mount
Monitor Mount: Bontec 13-42 inch wall mount
Keyboard: Joyaccess wireless full size keyboard
Mouse: Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed wireless mouse
Mousepad: Titanwolf extra large gaming mouse mat
Speakers: Logitech Z150
Headphones: HyperX Cloud Flight wireless headset
➡️Kevin Dionela⬅️
Desk: IKEA IDÅSEN 160×80
Desk: ALEX Store unit
Chair: Corsair T3 Rush
Monitors: Samsung C32JG52 32″ 144Hz Gaming
Monitors: Acer Nitro 165Hz 24″
Monitors: Acer Nitro 27″ 165Hz
Monitor Mount: Monitor Arm Dual Vertical
Monitor Mount: Single Monitor Arm
Keyboard: HAVIT Gaming Keyboard Set
Mouse: Xbox Elite 2
Mousepad: Victising RGB XXL
Speakers: Logitech Z200
Headphones: ASTRO A50 Wireless
Microphone: Shure SM7B
Microphone: Rode PSA 1 Arm
Monitors: g29c4 curved monitors
Monitor Mount: stock stands
Keyboard: rk61 60% cherry reds white
Mouse: razer viper white wired
Speakers: logitec z200 white
Headphones: razer kraken white
➡️Neil Brighton⬅️
Chair: ergo chair adapt 600
Monitors: lenovo L27i-28 4k 60hz
Monitors: L271-28 FHD 75 hz 1 MSI G271 FHD 175hz
Monitor Mount: Duronics DM15
Monitor Mount: duronic arms
Keyboard: Corsair K100 RGB Optical-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Mouse: Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO SE
Mousepad: ASUS ROG Balteus QI Pad
Speakers: Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II
Headphones: Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE High-Fidelity Gaming Headset
Microphone: Neewer 2-Pack Pencil Stick Condenser Mic
DAC/AMP: PreSonus Revelator io24 USB-C Audio Interface
➡️Reinold Benko Kristian⬅️
Desk: möbelix ten
Monitors: 42″ Sencor SLE 42F16TCS
Monitors: 21.5″ BenQ 2220HD
Monitors: 27″ Hanspree HT273
Monitor Mount: STELL SHO 3610 SLIM
Monitor Mount: MC-719 Monitor mount
Keyboard: Genesys Thor 300
Mouse: Steelseries Rival 110
Mousepad: C-Tech World map
Speakers: Yamaha HS7
Speakers: Alessis Elevate 5 MkII
Headphones: Audiotechnika MX40
Microphone: Neumann TLM102
DAC/AMP: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd gen
Behringer MicroAMP HA400 headphone AMP

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