Office Space: Setup Wars – Episode 289

Office Space: Setup Wars – Episode 289


Setup Wars – Episode 289

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Season 6 intro contest:
➡️Cullen Otsen⬅️
Desk: White Alex Drawers
Chair: Karuza
Monitors: AOC 27 inch curved 1440p 144 refresh rate
Monitor Mount: MSI single arm
Keyboard: Corsair K65 RGB Mini 60%
Mouse: Corsair Iron Claw RGB Wireless
Mousepad: Corsair
Speakers: Logitech Z407 Bluetooth
Headphones: Logitech Pro X Wireless Gaming Headset
Microphone: Headset
➡️Fabien Boulay⬅️
Chair: Steelcase Leap
Monitors: Samsung Odyssey G5 32 inch 1440p
Monitors: Asus VA32AQ 32 inch 1440p
Monitors: 50 INCH INSIGNA 4K
Keyboard: Logitech G213
Mouse: Logitech G 502 Hero
Mousepad: Corsair 300mm+
Speakers:Logitech Z533 120w 2.1
Headphones: Steelseries Arctis 7 wireless
Microphone: Razer seiren mini
➡️Jonny Healey⬅️
Desk: Ikea Ekbacken
Desk: IKEA Alex Drawers
Desk: Amazon Desk Risers
Chair: SecretLab Omega
Monitors: Gigabyte M27Q 27″ QHD IPS 170Hz
Monitors: Acer Nitro XV270P 27″ Full HD HDR10 IPS 144Hz
Monitors: AOC I2490VXQ/BT 24″ 60Hz
Monitor Mount: PUTORSEN Triple Monitor Stand
Keyboard: KBD67 Lite R2 Kit
Keyboard: Glorious Lynx Switches
Mouse: Glorious Model O Wireless
Mousepad: Unspoken Space Switch
Speakers: Edifier R1280Ts
Headphones: Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless
Microphone: Shure SM7B
Desk: Ikea Karlby
Desk: Ikea alex
Chair: Ikea Markus
Monitors: Alienware AW2521HFA
Monitors: dell PH2419H
Monitor Mount: Huano dual monitor arm
Monitor Mount: Newstar single monitor arm
Keyboard: Logitech g915tkl
Keyboard: durgod taurus k320tkl
Mouse: Logitech g pro x superlight
Mousepad: Techsource Topo black
Headphones: Hifiman ananda
Beyerdynamic dt1990pro | Meze 99 classics | Sony WH1000 XM4
Microphone: Shure SM57
Microphone: shure a2ws windscreen
Microphone: audient evo 8 interface
DAC/AMP: ifi zen dac V2
Desk: IKEA Karlby
Chair: Razer Iskur
Monitors: 27in Asus TUF VG279QM
Monitors: 34 in MSI MAG341CQ
Monitor Mount: VIVO arm
Mouse: Logitech G Pro X Superlight
Mousepad:Mitospeed Deskmat
Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT990 (Main) Astro A40TR null
Headphones: Razer Nari Ultimate
Headphones: AT M50X
Microphone: Blue Yeti Mic
Microphone: Blue Compass Boom Arm
DAC/AMP: Astro Gaming MixAmp Pro TR Gen 4

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