Biz Tips: 3 Steps to magnetic content

Biz Tips: 3 Steps to magnetic content


3 Steps to magnetic content

Viral posts drive high traffic to a blog. It’s quite a challenging task to write such an article, competitors are raising the bar every moment. What’s the most important in this ‘race’ — find your topics to make your posts exclusive.

This article provides secrets to creating high quality, magnetic content for your blog. Read, remember, take actions, and you’ll come to the top!

1. Check the current traffic of your blog

Which articles do readers share the most? Maybe some topics have much more ‘likes’ than the others? When you find out the answers to these questions, you’ll know what the visitors prefer.

Of course, you don’t have to check these data by yourself. There are services which can help you collect the information, such as Google Analytics, Serpstat, and others.

Google Analytics identifies poorly performing pages, how long visitors stayed on your website, their geographical position, and other information you may need to optimize your blog.

Google Analytics

The other service I mentioned is Serpstat. Just enter the site domain, click on Domain Analysis and then go to SEO Research. As at this stage you are looking for the best topics for an article, go to Top Pages.


Now, you see the hierarchical order of the pages: the higher the page is at the Top, the more traffic it drives.

2. Create unique, high-quality content

After you came up with an engaging topic, it’s time to work on your text. This process is both time-consuming and very important.

To become viral, the content needs to be original, but intelligible. What does it mean? If you use complex concepts or terminology in the article, always explain it to your reader. Give examples to show how people can use the information you give them in real life.

SEO tools will help you to find appropriate keywords related to your article. You’ll find out what people are interested in. I use Serpstat in this case: enter the topic in a search field and start your investigation. In Keyword Research you see all the words somehow connected with the phrase you’ve chosen. Next click on Content Marketing and open Search Questions.

Search questions

There is a list of the most frequent questions in search engines. If you answer one of them in your article, you’ll fulfill readers` expectations. It’s exactly what people look for when they open your site. According to my experience, this action increases the traffic to your blog.

Bare facts don’t engage readers. You should analyze the structure of the blog post and add something catchy for a reader to share this topic on social media. Choose some of the given below advice you may use to create perfect content:

  • create useful and detailed content;
  • attach media content such as images, music or videos;
  • give hot facts or news;
  • make lists;
  • add interviews with experts, aphorisms;
  • tell life stories;
  • suggest bonuses to your readers.

One more important thing is a lead paragraph. Give the content in a nutshell but don’t forget to announce the most significant issues from the topic. This paragraph should be especially catchy.

Remember that your reader isn’t an only recipient of the content you create. Arrange the structure of your text for search engines to find it easily. The position of the site in search results depends on the ‘choice’ of an engine.

Keywords will ‘break your way’ to the top. Just add those of high volume to your text. Use such SEO tools as Google Adwords, Serpstat, Ahrefs or SEMRush to find keywords: enter the word or the phrase which describes the content in the search field and get results.


There is a Competition level column you need to pay attention to during the process of choosing keywords.

3. Keep observing readers’ reaction after the publication

You followed all the pieces of advice and finally published your great post. What’s next? Don’t wait for an instant profit. To become successful, you should never stop analyzing your texts.

Analyze readers’ reaction. Think what made them share or comment on your new post? It’s very convenient to use Buzzsumo to monitor this reaction. All you need is to enter the domain of your site in its search field and observe the data on how much people share your articles on social media.


If it shows that your content is becoming viral — you achieved this goal. If it didn’t happen, look for another topic to write about.

Summing up

The more efforts you make to create magnetic content, the better result you get — increase of organic traffic, brand awareness, backlinks volume, site’s rankings, etc.

Here are 3 steps to remember:

  1. Choose a popular topic.
  2. Create a text of high quality.
  3. Analyze your results.

To save your time and get precise information, use SEO tools.

I wish you success!

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