VIDEO: What is UX Research? | The top 4 UX Research methods and more!

VIDEO: What is UX Research? | The top 4 UX Research methods and more!

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What is UX Research? | The top 4 UX Research methods and more!

In this video, we guide you through what UX research is, how UX research is fundamental to gaining customer insights, and the 4 methods to gather UX research. As well as the types of journey mapping common in UX research.

Obviously, in user experience, the user comes first and we are not the user. But the idea is to try and understand what the trend is, what is important, what is significant feedback, what is a meaningful thing to react to or move towards for your product or service.

So let’s jump right into UX Research!


Resources mentioned in the Video:


First, we jump into the four types of user research and we like to make sure we talk about them in pairs.

So for pair number one, we talk about:

1) Quantitative vs. Qualitative research

Quantitative has the hint in the name. It’s all about quantities, things you can count: the clicks, the page views, the downloads, the likes and the high fives.

Whereas qualitative is all about those soft skills, the things that people don’t actually communicate with. Their actions, but maybe their thoughts or feelings, hesitations, confusions and more.

For pair number two, we talk about:

2) Attitudinal vs. Behavioural research

Attitudinal is about what people believe, what they think and how they see something in their mind.

Whereas behavioural is the actual actions they take that we can actually track and measure? The clicks, the pages they’ve gone to, the number of referrals, the number of emails sent and so on. And these are the things that really tie back to quantitative usually.

Now that we’ve talked about quantitative and qualitative, how do we document all this UX Research?

The first part is capturing who the customer is:

So what is an empathy map?

An empathy map is what the user does, thinks, feels. It’s everything about who they are
and why we need to make certain decisions in our product based on who they are.

Next up, we have experience maps:

The idea is that an experience map is about a mostly universal process like childhood development, pregnancy, things that are generally the same for most people.

And finally a customer journey map

Whereas a customer journey map is about your particular customer in a certain scenario going through a certain phase of making a selection about a product. So these are very personal.

In addition, there is also what we call a service blueprint.

There is so much more that happens behind the scenes or back of house when creating a user experience, and the service blueprint is that layer.

What has to happen in logistics? What has to happen in sales and pricing? In the cashier and opening the store? And much more.

All of the things you don’t see.


So that is our quick and dirty overview for UX research, with a bunch of tools and resources in the link above so you can dive more into the subject.

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