VIDEO: What is UX Design? | UX Design From Start to Finish

VIDEO: What is UX Design? | UX Design From Start to Finish

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What is UX Design? | UX Design From Start to Finish

What is user experience? What is UX design? UX Design is in fact a very large term and oftentimes misused.

One of the most important things to understand is that there’s a lot of space in this field to define where you fit, no matter what area of UX you’re in, UX Design is always trying to figure out what is desirable, what is feasible, what is ethical and what is valuable.

We need to make sure that we put our users in the centre of everything.

So let’s break it down. What is UX Design?


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The first part of UX Design starts with research. During this phase of UX design, designers are oftentimes in the phase we call discovery.

So we’re trying to figure out everything that already exists on this topic. What does the user have previous exposure to? Who was the market leader? What is the best version of this feature? This is what we call product discovery.

Then, you go into problem discovery, trying to figure out where the problem comes from? How it manifests, who it affects, is this worth solving now?

Then we have solution discovery, we start to brainstorm a hypothesis, maybe we start to figure out what we can do? What levers can we pull? What variables can we change to have an experiment?

Then we go into concept validation. Does this experiment have a way to be proven correct? Or to validate assumptions and actually make an impact on the customer’s life?


In phase two of UX Design, as we go from gathering research and determining our insights, to forming hypotheses.

We’re looking for big ideas from brainstorming. We want ideas that are very, very different from each other. We want them to be out of the left-field, we want them to be blue-sky thinking. And then as we start to narrow down and look at what we come up with, what ideas or concepts should be narrowed down?

What do we want to go into concept? What we do we want to actually show to the customers to gather some direct feedback.

And then we have a proof of concept.

When designers are in this phase, there’s so much that we have to learn to do most of it comes down to iterative design.


This next phase of UX Design is where we actually talk to our users, we put out a proof of concept.

So this is where we’re starting to roadmap our designs, break them apart and figure out what parts make sense to go out in which release.

We need to support our developers and make sure that we design really good animation, critical concepts, prototypes and are working with users to make updates and changes as we listen to them.

And then over time, we release these features and monitor feedback.

And we can make continuous iterative improvements with our development team and our product manager.

And that is UX design in a nutshell!


So that is our end-to-end overview of UX Design, with a bunch of tools and resources in the link above so you can dive more into the subject.

And check out our 12 Week UX Design Immersive Course if you want to become a UX Designer:


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