VIDEO: What is Growth Hacking – Data Driven Marketing 2018

VIDEO: What is Growth Hacking – Data Driven Marketing 2018

Cool Growth Hack:

What is Growth Hacking – Data Driven Marketing 2018

The REAL definition of growth hacking in 2018 (no longer black hat marketing).

Growth Hacking / Growth Marketing is data-driven marketing (full funnel marketing) based on rapid experimentation.

The main difference with traditional marketing (vs growth hacking) is that whereas a marketer would only focus on driving traffic to a website or service a growth marketer or a growth hacker team focuses on the full customer journey…

Will the user engage with the website”

Will the user feel a “great first user experience” and understand the core value what we call the aha moment on their visit?

Will they come back and use your product again? Or buy again?

What pricing strategies can we experiment with? What can we upsell or cross-sell?

So what is growth hacking and data driven marketing in 2018? It’s no longer just marketing. Onboarding customers and retaining them often involves a heavy hand on the development side.. It’s directly influenced by product and code..

Even at the very top of the funnel, growth marketers like to use code to come up with creative ways to generate traffic. We call this Engineered Marketing. This is a form of creative marketing. Choosing between the millions of combinations of marketing mediums and marketing messages.

Once they’ve assured a steady flow of customers, enough to start running experiments, a growth hacker or a growth team’s job is to use data (both hard data and soft data) to track customers along their journey and begin to test and run experiments on how to increase conversions along the way.

This usually takes quite a bit of customer empathy and behavioural psychology. What can we use from the fields of behavioural economics such as human biases and persuasion techniques to convert more customers faster.

And finally… once you’ve tested and found out what works, it’s about coding that into your product or automating it into your processes.

Marketing campaigns and gut driven decisions have been replaced with data driven experiments.

Leading and disruptive companies need a scalable, easy to implement process of rapid experimentation… we’ve developed the GROWS process which we’ve outlined in this video:

What’s important here is that the fastest growing companies have realised that growth has to be imprinted within the company’s DNA. Why? For speed and scalability of growth..

Therefore using external consultants and external agencies to manage your growth just doesn’t cut it. Growth is too important to be externalised. It’s time to hire and train people on the right digital & psychological skills and empower them to execute independently whilst using the latest tools correctly….

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6 Replies to “VIDEO: What is Growth Hacking – Data Driven Marketing 2018”

  1. Totally agree with this definition. Everyday I see my working in marketing being more and more merged with the product team work, and it's great. Also data has been a big improvement in marketing. I remember asking my "old" marketing teachers how could we calculate the ROI of our future marketing actions to justify our campaigns to our teams, they could not answer this question. Print and TV ads were the only medium they knew, ROI was impossible to get. Finally, I can say "this is how much I spent and earn with this campaign".

  2. Great definition! I think in digital marketing growth hacking is difficult to do for most marketers because they're either general marketers that understand marketing as a whole but they don't really get a lot of the tactics/channels or they're marketing channels specialists (like SEO specialist) that may lack a lot of knowledge when it comes to marketing in general. Would you define growth hackers as knowledgeable, open-minded marketers that can pick the right tactics for the right business at the right time and have enough experience that allows them to split-test things rapidly? As in…they can tell if something will work on a smaller timeframe?

  3. Did you have an online course? I'm live in Brazil and I really want to learn this knowledge. I want to develope, evolve and spread this concepts here in my country.