VIDEO: Video Production | 7 Simple Video Editing Tools

VIDEO: Video Production | 7 Simple Video Editing Tools

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Video Production | 7 Simple Video Editing Tools

Video production doesn’t need to be complicated. If you’re in Growth or Marketing, you only need a few simple video editing tools to help get your experiments and marketing projects off the ground.
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We live in a video-first world, where 48% of consumers say they’ve made a purchase due to a brand’s video on Instagram and video content on LinkedIn is shared 20x more than other content.

Paolo, Growth Tribe’s Head of Video, shows us how to create videos that look good and do the job, without requiring complicated video editing skills or previous video marketing experience! Perfect for keeping agile and testing those ideas.

In this guide to video post-production, we’ll take you through easy video editing tools including Animoto and Lumen5 and show you how personalised video can be used!

Did we miss a video editing tool that you love to use?
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  1. Since you mention two of your other videos in your intro, you should link to the I'm your video description. (I haven't seen the other two videos, but you've piqued my interest… But, as of now, I have to go to my desktop PC to search your channel for those videos.)