VIDEO: Top Tips for Killer Facebook Ad Campaigns

VIDEO: Top Tips for Killer Facebook Ad Campaigns

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Top Tips for Killer Facebook Ad Campaigns

Cost Per Clicks up on Facebook Ads? ROI as low as the crypto that bro at work told you to invest in?

A lot’s changed in the Facebook ads space in the last year – yes we know you’re sick of hearing about the iOS 14 update, we are too – but hear us out there are still some ways you might just go “to the moon!”

In this video, we show you how to up your Facebook Advertising game.

So let’s do it!


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Apple released their iOS14.5 update back in April. The big-hitting item?

“AppTracking Transparency framework!”

Many people have reported a drop in the performance of Facebook ads. Good results are harder to come by these days.

So what can we do now to reinvigorate our Facebook Ads? Well, let’s dive in!

1) First up, a nice little audience targeting trick

Very often you have to rely on your own creativity when finding interests for Facebook Ads.

When you find a phrase, Facebook only gives you limited options – maybe up to 20 or so – for interests containing that phrase.

But there’s probably loads of other opportunities you just can’t think of!

Cedric at Mindschool presents an innovative use of the Facebook API to get more interests – in fact hundreds – related to the key interest you have in mind.

2) Up your Facebook ad copy game!

We just have to work a little bit harder and more creatively to appeal to a broader audience these days.

It’s all about improving quality. If more people engage with your ads, Facebook looks favourably on your ad, your CPC is lower, leading to more impressions and more potential customers.

Here are some things to help you get started in optimising your ad copy:

1. Optimise placements
2. Prioritise video
3. Use subtitles
4. Test, test, test
5. Use Meta’s Ad Library
6. Craft killer headlines

3) To ABO or to CBO? – That is the question.

We’re talking about Budget Optimisation!

You have two options in Facebook Ads Manager: ad set budget optimisation and campaign budget optimisation.

Campaign Budget Optimisation is when the budget is set at the campaign level and you hand over control to Facebook to distribute the budget according to what it’s AI predicts will be the best performing ad sets and ads.

Ad Set Budget Optimisation allows you to set the budget at ad set level. This is the best option to use when testing new ads or audiences as it removes one variable from your experiment.

Also try to limit any other variables that could affect your ad tests, for example:

1. Use Audience Budget Optimisation (ABO)
2. 2-3 ads per ad set
3. Use a consistent schedule


So there you have it – some trends and hacks to boost your Facebook advertising in 2022!

Don’t forget to comment if you have any questions, and give us a like and subscribe if you found this video useful. See you next time!

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