VIDEO: The Secret to Mass Personalization & Personalized Content with AI (2018) | AI for Business #3

VIDEO: The Secret to Mass Personalization & Personalized Content with AI (2018) | AI for Business #3

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The Secret to Mass Personalization & Personalized Content with AI (2018) | AI for Business #3

This time in AI for Business we are looking at the secret to mass personalization & Personalized content with AI. In 2018. We know that mass personalization and personalized content is a powerful way of influencing consumer behaviour.

The increased availability of artificial intelligence for business combined with marketing automation made Mass Personalization, Personalized Content and sophisticated segmentation less costly and faster to implement.

So let’s get into depth and see how AI can improve your mass personalization strategy…

First of all, computers are now able to perform profiling and classification of consumers, based on the data they actively or passively provide, the so-called digital footprints.

How do we make these things in a way that we do not interfere with their privacy and deteriorate trust?

After all, what are the boundaries of digital mass persuasion?

For example, we humans often share intimate information with strangers while we keep secrets from our closed ones, the so-called Privacy Paradox. This explains why behaviour analyst and marketers can understand customer personality traits better than their friends and families.

Interestingly, when writing personalized content advertising copy for mass personalisation, consumers prefer it when marketers are transparent in their data clarity.

The combination of behavioural analytics and marketing automation is called digital nudging.

The three key takeaways from this video are:

– Any disclosure in advertising is less creepy and will convert better than no disclosure.

– Deduced information on the customer will convert less than an open explanation

– Trust is a key factor when dealing with this new world of shared information and data gathering. Especially when executing mass personalization strategies.

In the interest of full disclosure, the title was chosen based on SEO purposes and keywords the data indicates our audience will search for…

Mckinsey Report –

Behavioural Grooves Podcast –

Personalisation at scale article –

Privacy Paradox –

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