VIDEO: The Digital Skills Gap and the Future of Jobs 2020 – The Fundamental Growth Mindset

VIDEO: The Digital Skills Gap and the Future of Jobs 2020 – The Fundamental Growth Mindset

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The Digital Skills Gap and the Future of Jobs 2020 – The Fundamental Growth Mindset

We’ve reached a tipping point in the future of jobs 2020. The digital skills gap is asking for the development of a growth mindset!

Organisational roles are disappearing and being replaced by skillsets. The digital skills gap is ever growing. At its current pace, technology is outpacing human skills causing a gap in the skills demanded and supplied by in the job market.

In the future of jobs, employers require you to know an ever growing number of new and ever-changing fundamental skills in order to use the technologies they’ve implemented. That’s where the growth mindset comes in…Master the fundamentals and you can master the rest.

The future of jobs 2020: McKinsey published a report stating that 45% of ALL current tasks
could be automated with PRESENT technology. The world economic forum estimates that 33% of jobs in 2020 didn’t even exist yet. We don’t even know what 1/3rd of people will be doing by then or what skill they’ll need to have.

It starts with having a growth mindset where you have the desire and the confidence that you can learn anything. Shift your thinking on how technologies will rattle, mutate, but ultimately ENRICH your work life. If you play your cards right, technology will make your worklife much better. The future of jobs 2020

The fact is that technology will actually remove boring repetitive jobs from your way… but only if you understand the fundamentals. And you have no excuse to do so. How can you stay relevant if you can’t talk the lingo. Can you talk tech, can you talk APIs, can you talk code, can you talk data?

Education systems are struggling to keep up with the skills demanded by future train yourself and if you’re an employer, train your people. Online and offline courses have never been more readily available or rich in content. Take your education in your own hands, learn to code, learn about behavioural psychology, automation tools, playing with data, user experiences, be curious…

it’s time to build something! Your greatest credential in this new era is your output of stuff, proof of your awesomeness. A website, a blog, a prototype, a simple data model… it’s time to build cool stuff and showcase it!

It’s time to get shit done, time to develop your growth mindset. It’s time for YOUR growth.


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15 Replies to “VIDEO: The Digital Skills Gap and the Future of Jobs 2020 – The Fundamental Growth Mindset”

  1. You learn all this shit to get in and bam, all that learning you did is obsolete because AI just took that job market away from you as well. Fun times for sure.

  2. Get to the point,people would almost go extinct,if we go at it, meaning if we fight each other,once ai comes out,you think poeple are really going to except ai,tell us more about the consequences,and who exactly is going to buy products if you cant make a living,you better start getting ready for companies to go out of business to because the dollar wont exist with freedom gone with it,so fuck your online courses, we need to be more creative,and away from the online system,connect with your family and find ideas use your imagination,work with your mom and pops shops,and find the path thats different then ai humanity will break away,educate yourself more and find the truth and god that loves you,take care and pass the message and my message wasn't good, ask someone thats open minded what they think and try to find solutions,for humanity,and fuck universal basic income,shit ill barter fuck,who wants to trade lol

  3. The main problem is that consumers are idiots, mindless zombies, spending money they don't have in things they don't need. The rise of digital technologies and computational powers was due to the improvement in semi-conductor manufacturing. The limit is about to be reach because you can only make transistors so small. A stagnation will occur again. People should be concerned about growth and creation of new industries. This will actually create more new jobs. Having new apps does very little to rise the standard of living in a country. Website, blog? these stuff is shit.