VIDEO: T Shaped Marketer 2022 | New T Shaped Skills!

VIDEO: T Shaped Marketer 2022 | New T Shaped Skills!

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T Shaped Marketer 2022 | New T Shaped Skills!

There’s a “critical minimum” amount of time that you must spend practising your craft in order to become a genius at it.

10,000 hours, to be exact. Or roughly 10 years of dedicated practice.

In his book Range, David Epstein argues that having a broad spectrum of skills and interests, and taking your time to figure them out is better than specialising in just one area.

So being a generalist AND a specialist is key.

Welcome to the T-Shaped Marketer 2022 – and the latest T-Shaped Skills.


Take the T Shaped Quiz for 2022:


A report entitled “The Hybrid Job Economy” by Burning Glass, who analyse billions of job postings and resumes from millions of companies

Found that high-paying jobs of the future are more complex, multi-disciplinary, and what they call “hybrid”.

In other words, they are specialist roles but they also require a wide set of skills from different fields.

Sounds familiar right?

This is what we call a T Shaped skills profile.

Marketers are perfect examples of T shaped professionals.

With a wide range of skills to learn, as well as the need to specialise and hone in on a couple of areas.

We updated our T Shaped marketer profile for 2022, by surveying growth and marketing leaders on what they consider the top skills.

On the base layer, are the non-marketing specific subjects that form the foundation for the rest.

Here we have the Growth Mindset, Data Analytics, Strategic Planning, Problem Solving and Behavioural Psychology.

Next, you have your marketing foundation skills – which can be used across all marketing channels.

Including Rapid experimentation, Automation & APIs, Attribution Modelling, Product Marketing & Copywriting.

Finally, you have your channel expertise layer, which includes your vertical core expertise on a couple of channels.

For example, we have Conversion Rate Optimisation, A/B Testing, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Growth Loops, Social Media Marketing, Paid Social Advertising, Retention & Loyalty and Referral Marketing.


If you want to test your own T-Shape and see how you compare to the marketing population you can take our very own T-Shaped Marketer Quiz for 2021.

The link is above, let us know how you get on!


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9 Replies to “VIDEO: T Shaped Marketer 2022 | New T Shaped Skills!”

  1. I am a neophyte, trying to build my career around digital marketing, and also one day own an agency for the same. I am a bit overwhelmed by never-ending domains in it, ranging from technical to managerial to growth. Also i am a strong follower of the T-shaped skill building. I have worked in paid social media and client retention and account management. I am also trying to set foot in the data and business analytics.
    Can you please suggest me a timeline and all various domains so as to get the shape T in my profile?
    Thanks 🙂

  2. This is awesome! My only pet peeve is that I never understand why people separate SEM and SEO. SEM should not be a separate item from SEO, since SEO is one type of Search Engine Marketing, along with PPC. At the end, SEM = PPC + SEO