VIDEO: STAP Budget – Study for Free with Growth Tribe

VIDEO: STAP Budget – Study for Free with Growth Tribe

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STAP Budget – Study for Free with Growth Tribe

In case you didn’t know, Growth Tribe is based in the Netherlands, and this year, we got some great news that will help us bring our skills-based education to even more of you this year.

From March onwards, the Dutch government is making a €1000 budget available to help working and unemployed people learn skills that will stimulate their position in the labour market.

This is important because lifelong learning is key in a fast-changing world, and learning doesn’t STOP when you finish school.

This funding, called STAP, is available to anyone who meets these criteria:

– EU Citizen
– 18+
– BSN Number
– Long term resident in NL

And the great news is, we’re NTRO certified and you can use this funding for all of our courses.

So, how does it work?

All you have to do is pre-register for a course using this link:

Then, sit-tight!

When the funding is officially released on March 1, you’ll get an SMS from us with a link where you can complete your registration and claim your €1000 funding

Again, you can use this for any of our courses. Even better? We’re launching several new on-demand courses this year, and we’ve revamped our live experiences for even more career-changing impact.

Check out our courses below!


On-demand courses
→ Digital Marketing Certificate:
→ Growth Marketing Certificate:
→ Data Fundamentals Certificate:
→ Business Analytics Certificate:
→ Data Visualisation & Storytelling Certificate:
→ Digital Leadership Certificate:

Live courses
→ Growth Strategies Certificate:
→ Growth Marketing Certificate – Live:
→ Growth Marketing Diploma:
→ Data Analytics Diploma:
→ UX Design Diploma:

Ready to transform your workforce? Here are our corporate solutions for growth, innovation and data capabilities.

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