VIDEO: Reverse Engineering a Marketing Funnel | Peloton

VIDEO: Reverse Engineering a Marketing Funnel | Peloton

Cool Growth Hack:

Reverse Engineering a Marketing Funnel | Peloton

We reverse-engineered Peloton’s $4 billion strategy to see how they did it, and now you can too! Download your “How-To Reverse Engineer a Marketing Funnel” guide here:

Always wondered how competitors and industry leaders set up their campaigns?

We were curious too, so we set out on a mission to reverse-engineer Peloton’s marketing funnel and strategy. We looked into social media ads, social proof, reviews, competitor analysis, Google Trends, linked websites, on-site technologies and every other campaign aspect we could find to create a comprehensive campaign case study.

If you want to start to reverse-engineer your competitor’s marketing funnels and social media campaigns, you can download your PDF how-to guide here:


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15 Replies to “VIDEO: Reverse Engineering a Marketing Funnel | Peloton”

  1. Great video – I would love to see you reconstruct their marketing funnel and associating the respective measures with every step. Like: Top of Funnel/Demand Gen: Sponsored/Guest Posts on Health Blogs or similar.

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