VIDEO: Rethink Leadership and Lead Differently!

VIDEO: Rethink Leadership and Lead Differently!

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Rethink Leadership and Lead Differently!

How can you rethink business and leadership and lead differently?

We want to do shift some of your mental models, some of your paradigms, or reaffirm some existing ones, and give you some tools and frameworks to lead differently at whatever level it is. Whether leading yourself, leading your team or leading your organisation.

We’re going to kick off by looking at the world through a different lens. A lens of complexity rather than complication.

Then we’re going to unpack anti-fragility which means to create anti-fragile teams and organisations.

And we’ll share with you what we think our number one responsibility as leaders are – and then we’ll dive into growth mindsets, psychological safety, learning organisations, and we’ll have some next steps for you as well as a q&a

So let’s do it, let’s rethink leadership and lead differently!


We hope this video will give you a clearer view of how to rethink business and lead differently.

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One Reply to “VIDEO: Rethink Leadership and Lead Differently!”

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