VIDEO: Product Launch Marketing & The Growth Framework by Sujan Patel

VIDEO: Product Launch Marketing & The Growth Framework by Sujan Patel

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Product Launch Marketing & The Growth Framework by Sujan Patel

Sujan Patel gave us a hands-on workshop on Product Launch Marketing & The Growth Framework. Following his talk on pre-launch marketing, this video takes a look at how best to do Product Launch Marketing, Sujan also mentions the growth framework in this video.

Sujan Patel , is the Founder of Webprofits, a growth marketing agency & managing partner at Ramp Ventures, SaaS tool for sales and marketers, and a renowned expert in Product Launch Marketing & The Growth Framework.

This talk was given during Amsterdam’s Growth Marketing Conference on May 12th at the Growth Tribe Academy Campus. Growth Marketing Conference had its first continental European event in partnership with the Amsterdam and UK based digital skills training company, Growth Tribe, who also brought the Growth Marketing Conference to London on May 9th . Speakers at the event included Dennis Yu of Blitzmetrics, growth hacking extraordinaire Sujan Patel , SEO expert Clayton Wood and Eric Siu of Single Grain.

In this concise and informative video you’ll learn how to form a product launch strategy using PR pitching, influencer marketing. You will also see how to use a growth framework to achieve your growth goals, objectives and KPIs. This talk centres around product launch marketing, pre-launch marketing, the growth framework, channels for growth, stages and sales funnel marketing.

Sujan Patel is a leading expert in digital marketing who has grown two of his companies, & to 20k & 5000 customers, respectively, using these exact strategies. Sujan is a hard working & high energy individual fueled by his passion to help people and solve problems. Between his consulting practice and his software companies, Sujan’s goal is to help entrepreneurs and marketers scale their businesses.

Sujan is an avid writer and to publications such as Forbes, WSJ, Inc and Entrepreneur Magazine. In his 13 years in digital marketing Sujan has helped companies like Salesforce, TurboTax, Sony, Mint, and hundreds of others acquire more customers, build brand awareness, and grow their businesses.

You’ll learn how to get your first 1000 customers with no marketing budget. He’ll cover product launch marketing, how to utilise the Growth Framework. Sujan grew his companies, to 20k users & to 5000 customers using these exact strategies.

Topics discussed include:
Product Launch Marketing
The Growth Framework
Influencer Marketing
Scalable Marketing
Secondary SEO
Channels for Growth
Sales Funnel Stages


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