VIDEO: Review | Website First Dates

VIDEO: Review | Website First Dates

Cool Growth Hack: Review | Website First Dates

Welcome back to Website First Dates! This time David is trying his luck with!

In these fun bitesize episodes we will review the websites and landing pages of exciting new tech companies and give them a score out of 10.

Do they succeed with basic user testing? How well optimised are the landing pages? Does the page pass the 5 second test? How was the onboarding experience? Do we have a good user experience? Is it a nice user interface?

Time to review!


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5 Replies to “VIDEO: Review | Website First Dates”

  1. Felt the same way when a YouTube ad sent me to the site. I think that with a few of the right tweaks Palm could carve out a piece of the "minimalist/freedom-from-your-evil-phone" apparent emerging market. Great first date, David!