VIDEO: Learning and Development: How to build data-driven learning journeys

VIDEO: Learning and Development: How to build data-driven learning journeys

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Learning and Development: How to build data-driven learning journeys

In this video, we will guide you through the four-step process for creating data-driven learning and development journeys.

Adapting to change rapidly is actually very difficult. Deloitte found that Business productivity has not kept pace with technological progress. Skills are decaying faster than ever, and there is a paradox of choice on what to learn next.

There is a growing digital skills gap. And traditional learning & development isn’t set up to support the learning needed.

But we can change this!


Resources mentioned in the Video:


To find new ways to enable effective learning of digital skills, there are three elements needed to build a self-learning organisation:

A Growth Mindset

This view that we are always a work in progress

Learning time dedication

Moving away from compliance training as the only dedicated learning in your organisation.

Curation of learning

In order to overcome the paradox of choice, and chasing your tail finding what to learn next.


At Growth Tribe, we have a four-step process for data-driven learning and development journeys.

Define, Diagnose, Deliver and Measure.

Step 1: Define Capabilities

The goal here, in the beginning, is to start with your business goals and outcomes. And then to translate those into the capabilities that are needed, and the skills level needed in the persona group to achieve those goals.

Step 2: Diagnose

While part one was all about setting your target. This part of the learning and development journey is all about how you are doing right now.

The reason this step is so important is that it is often skipped – because once you choose where you want to go there is a natural tendency to say, let’s just go!

But in the same way that you wouldn’t try to cure an illness without a diagnosis, you shouldn’t embark on a learning pathway without diagnosing capabilities.

Step 3: Deliver

So now it is time to start delivering engaging learning and development journeys. With the define phase, we find WHERE we are going, and thanks to the diagnose phase, we know WHAT the capabilities gap is.

Now it is time to figure out HOW to close that gap.

Step 4: Measure

In this next step, you want to know the impact of your learning and change programme, right?

So you can report back with great data, behavioural change, and business impact!


There you have the four step process for data-driven learning and development journeys!

We hope this video will give you a clearer view on how to build data-driven learning and development.

So you can implement company-wide change through your learning programmes.

You can find all the resources mentioned by following the links in the description below.

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