VIDEO: Learn or Die | Upskilling Is The Future of Education

VIDEO: Learn or Die | Upskilling Is The Future of Education

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Learn or Die | Upskilling Is The Future of Education

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The future of education won’t involve learning from outdated textbooks or from highly-specialised professors. Future skills will need to be learnt and developed in a different way – one which adapts to the rate of change and combines technology and education.

Most people fail to adapt to the rate of change, and breakthroughs in automation, behavioural psychology, artificial intelligence, design, tooling, data, neuroscience and technology are starting to leave people behind.

There’s no doubt about it – advancing technology will change the nature of many people’s jobs, and the future of education looks uncertain at the moment, with predictions that 50 % of the 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S will be bankrupt in 10 to 15 years.

But it’s not all doom and gloom – this potential threat can be turned into an opportunity to combine technology and education, and foster future skills. Embrace the benefits of the future of technology by learning new skills and upskilling – now.

Only so much can be learnt from self-learning, online courses, undergraduate degrees or master’s degrees. And on-the-job learning can only take place in the right learning environment, where companies allow employees and team members space and resources to learn and develop their skills. The future of education depends on innovative organisations adopting multi-disciplinary based approaches that create the opportunity for future skills to develop. The future of jobs depends on it.


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15 Replies to “VIDEO: Learn or Die | Upskilling Is The Future of Education”

  1. There needs to be a shift in focus away from only hiring highly-skilled workers from an ever-dwindling talent pool, and towards nurturing and investing in the next generation of high-potential digital professionals.

  2. Your " stuff "  is awesome however I have provided this feedback previously and not sure  if its me  but your presenters speak to fast  and slides transition to fast as well.

  3. On the point! I found it most difficult to find the right education or position to learn and progress in the right direction. But still excited for the future full of possibilities 🙂

  4. Inspirational and so, so true about the new learning models. I believe, this is the future. Or the complete opposite – we go to forest and close any receptors, we just shut it all down completely. Kudos on the speed, keeps one on their toes 😉