VIDEO: Leading through change – building lifelong learning organisations

VIDEO: Leading through change – building lifelong learning organisations

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Leading through change – building lifelong learning organisations

Leading through change is hard. Yet, what if there was a way to deliver a massive return on investment, that was self-driving and self-learning? This is what building a culture of lifelong learning in organisations looks like.
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We live in a world of rapid change. Companies are undertaking huge Digital Transformation efforts to keep up with the pace of change. Digital Skills, Data Skills and Customer Centricity are key to winning in the digital age.

Lifelong learning is the key to unlocking massive lifetime value from digital skills in your organisation.
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In a knowledge economy, knowledge is king. Your learning and development efforts are central to closing the digital skills gap and moving faster than your competitors.

Yet, companies systematically underinvest in their learning culture.

And learning is the highest ROI activity that your organisation is not investing enough in.

Find out why, and what you can do about it with this groundbreaking talk from David Arnoux, co-founder at Growth Tribe – from his hugely successful talk at the TNW Conference 2020.


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