VIDEO: It’s Not Magic. It’s Data – Artificial Intelligence for Business

VIDEO: It’s Not Magic. It’s Data – Artificial Intelligence for Business

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It’s Not Magic. It’s Data – Artificial Intelligence for Business

So you have data. Good stuff. Are you using it effectively?
Enter Artificial Intelligence for Business.

You are a marketing person, and Artificial Intelligence for Business can help you right away even without coding knowledge. And you must think I’m crazy. Bear with me. You’ve probably heard some scary stories recently. A while back headlines read that Facebook developed an AI that started talking in a language no one could understand. They had to shut it down for fear it would take over the world. … Or so the doomsday theorists would have us believe. The Facebook AI wasn’t going for world domination; it discovered a much more efficient way of communicating! Facebook wanted it to speak in a language understood by humans, so they shut it down to start from scratch. It’s hard to blame the media for dramatising such an unknown subject. But most Artificial Intelligence for Business isn’t scary: it’s just new.

We’re marketers, product owners, decision makers, and we’re looking at a long and scary list of companies using Artificial Intelligence for Business. Often this seems overwhelming. We feel like we need an expert who can build a new platform capable of harnessing these strange powers of Artificial Intelligence for Business.

Don’t despair: all the buzzwords and the chatter are just buzzwords and chatter. The tools for Artificial Intelligence for Business are already out there! There’s no need to build them yourself, and all they need to work is the data that you already have. AI is just a complex and efficient set of algorithms, with no magic involved. Yes, I know that “algorithm” tends to be another scary word for many of us in marketing. Well, it shouldn’t be. An algorithm is just a set of rules that a computer follows to make a calculation. Artificial Intelligence for Business is all data, no magic. Facebook’s AI had a LOT of rules to follow—the ones parsing your data will be much, much simpler, and with no potential to appear sinister.

Let’s throw some questions out there. If any of these are interesting for your business (and I know they are), then start thinking about implementing Artificial Intelligence for Business:

How long will our customers use our product/service?
How likely are customers to stop using our product/service? How much will our customers buy at a time? How do we match the right content with the right person at the right time? If someone discovers our product/service, how likely are they to sign up or buy our product/service?

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