VIDEO: International Women’s Day 2018 – #PressForProgress

VIDEO: International Women’s Day 2018 – #PressForProgress

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International Women’s Day 2018 – #PressForProgress

From all of us at Growth Tribe, on International Womens Day 2018, we want to say its time to press for progress for women in tech! We are calling on all tech leaders and businesses employing and educating women in tech to help build inclusive, highly-intelligent teams and creating diversity in the workplace. Join us, in making the tech community a diverse, open-minded, and supportive environment for everyone!

Some key facts for International Womens Day 2018:

– 36% of women report feeling that they have unequal growth opportunities to men in the workforce

– 48% of women feel the lack of good mentors to guide them in their career and growth

– As of 2016, women hold only 28% of total computer science degrees, only 2.5% of the venture capitalist investments went to companies led by women

– However, companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are 15 percent more likely to produce better returns than their local peers.

– Since 1991, we have seen a decline from 36% to 25% of women-held jobs in computing

– For women under 25, there is an 29% average salary gap with their male counterparts, and 63% of the time women of all ages receive lower salary offers for the same job.

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