VIDEO: HR Analytics and How to Get Started

VIDEO: HR Analytics and How to Get Started

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HR Analytics and How to Get Started

HR analytics can help save you money, cut down on wasted time, and hire talent for the right skills.

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As a recruiter or HR manager, you know that HR departments collect vast amounts of HR data. Unfortunately, this data remains unused.

Keeping records is insufficient to add strategic value in both hiring and performance.

But how do you get started?

Growth Tribe’s Jayla Cosentino takes us through the 3 most important metrics to track through the hiring cycle. Ranging from tools teams can use to track these metrics to initiatives that support build a fantastic team!

First things first – HR analytics.

While there are hundreds of things you can track, we will focus on three important ones to get you started.

First is reducing the time to hire

Every vacancy has an average time to hire, but tracking this metric can help you identify the pain points in the recruitment funnel.

Second is sourcing statistics.

There are different analytics you can look into when it comes to sourcing.

However, there is no point in looking at the other analytics if you don’t know which channel brings you the highest quality of candidates.

Finally, there’s the recruitment funnel effectiveness.

We can cover every step of the funnel, but instead, let’s talk about the critical metrics of your website-to applicant conversion rate.

That’s the top of funnel!

HR analytics can be overwhelming, but it does not have to be!

Begin with what you believe is your most important metrics and then start collecting the data!


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