VIDEO: How to Focus | 8 Proven Ways to Increase Your Brain Power

VIDEO: How to Focus | 8 Proven Ways to Increase Your Brain Power

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How to Focus | 8 Proven Ways to Increase Your Brain Power

Knowing how to focus deeply for long periods of time has become a challenge and a goal for many of us.

Success with reaching full focus potential comes down to getting the foundation right. Then moving onto the tools and methodologies on how to focus and sharpen your brain.

After all, time is your scarcest resource and focus is your primary tool.

First, we’ll dive into Breathworks. As you see in the video, this is a form of meditation to help you increase your brain’s ability to create new connections, learn how to focus, enhance creativity, heal anxiety and induce a state of flow for your brain.

Next, we tackle fasting. If you have been following the biohacking industries in recent years then you have inevitably heard about the phenomenon called intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting, or IF a simple nutrition concept and has numerous benefits: it helps you focus, productivity, and overall health.

Now we’re ready to move onto nootropics. Nootropics are a wide range of natural and artificial compounds which are thought to increase cognitive functions such as memory, creativity, or motivation.

Personal experience and has taught us to invest heavily in these supplements, but in this video, we chose to stick to the natural nootropics as examples.

Next, we’re going to cover precision nutrition. It turns out studies at the Weizmann Institute in Israel have demonstrated that humans have personalised reactions to food.

This means that differences in our DNA make us react differently to different food. The best way to know what works for you and what doesn’t is to monitor your blood sugar levels.

The next methodology is a bit vaguer but it still yields powerful results – Stoicism. Stoicism is a philosophy worked out in Ancient Greece and Rome thousands of years ago, but it remains highly relevant to our own times: it helps you focus on what we can control, and accept what you can’t.

Meditation is another way to change brain patterns, improve mental and cognitive performance and help you find more focus on the present. If you want to get started, there are tonnes of good apps to choose from!

Finally, we will focus on other small tips such as soundscapes to calm the brain, postponing communication and visual cues. These are all tactics that you can test and see what works best with your current habits.

And at the very end of the video, we have a bonus tip for you. We’ll cover a few quick tactics you can try out straight away. You already know sleep and exercise are important, but learn to develop self-reliance and pick a few accountability partners to help you stick to your goals and habits.

Did we miss anything? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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15 Replies to “VIDEO: How to Focus | 8 Proven Ways to Increase Your Brain Power”

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  2. Meditations is a great book but difficult to read or get the value if is your first approach to stoicism, anyone interested look for The Obstacle Is the Way or Stillness Is the Key from Ryan Holiday, who is also the author of Growth Hacker Marketing 👍👍

  3. Great video.

    These ideas, practices, tools are things that I’ve read about and many I’ve actually implemented in my lifestyle over the past few years. The way that you quickly went through so many complex topics and simplified them was amazing.

    Every time someone shares their screen with me and has more than five tabs open in their browser, I let them know that they are giving me anxiety and they should close them immediately for my sanity and their’s!