VIDEO: How to Develop A Growth Mindset | Moonpig

VIDEO: How to Develop A Growth Mindset | Moonpig

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How to Develop A Growth Mindset | Moonpig

How to Develop a Growth Mindset | Moonpig

Moonpig has been on card delivery scene for the past 20 years. In recent years, the startup has experienced growth both across its product offering and brand awareness.

However, the team was keen to boost the company’s digital marketing efforts to maintain and optimise business growth.

The growth marketing and growth hacking movements were not unknown terms to the team, and the benefits of experimenting were quickly recognised. But what the teams were missing was more velocity across the board.

So how do you start building a culture of rapid experimentation?

The kick-off consisted of learning how to use data to gain insights, how to gather and rank ideas, how to craft hypotheses, and how to run rapid experiments.

The next step? Deciding on the initial focus for experimentation.

The team got together, brainstormed ideas and ranked them to set up the first few experiments.

This process was repeated, with the team running weekly growth meetings to review the results, discuss the learnings, and decide the new experiments.

The teams managed to drive the culture of experimentation across the board; departments started to collaborate more. They learned from each other by using data insights to make decisions in product range developments.

Curious to find out more? Take a look at the full video as we unpack all the learnings behind Moonpig’s growth success story!


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  1. Here are some of our favourite soundbites. Have you spotted some more? Share your ideas and questions in the comments below!

    [0:100:16] A lot of people say they do growth hacking and run little experiments, but it's the velocity that you should be going at.
    [1:391:44] It's better to build something and get it out there in people's hands than not build it at all.
    [1:592:03] Ultimately, it's whether people want to use your product that makes it good and for you to know that more than the customer