VIDEO: How to Develop a Growth Mindset | Labfresh

VIDEO: How to Develop a Growth Mindset | Labfresh

Cool Growth Hack:

How to Develop a Growth Mindset | Labfresh

How to Develop a Growth Mindset | Labfresh

Labfresh’s impressive success is largely rooted in its growth hacking mentality.

Born in 2017, the team of now 15 people used crowdfunding and social media to sell 30,000 shirts & t-shirts in 98 countries. Their last campaign was 100% funded in less than 5 hours, making Labfresh the most backed Dutch Fashion project in Kickstarter’s history.

Since 2018, the brand has built a website, shipped all the Kickstarter orders, built a supply chain and expanded their collection.

The reason behind their success?

in the first instance, the Dutch fashion brand followed the direct-to-consumer brand playbook.
Solve a need and fill a niche. Keep the product line simple and remove unnecessary choice.

Roll into a physical store – to build buzz and allow customers to literally get their hands on the product. Improve online purchases with tools that make it easier to buy. And of course, build the brand around the founders, not a faceless corporation.

Labfresh ticked all the boxes. But the real secret to success is contained in their mindset – being deliberate about growth.

How do you start being deliberate about growth?

By hiring people that work out how to solve the problems your business faces.

Curious to find out more? Take a look at the full video as we unpack all the tactics behind Labfresh’s growth success story!


We reverse-engineered Swapfiets’s marketing funnel to offer an excellent example for subscription-based businesses. We have, however, not trained Swapfiets.


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11 Replies to “VIDEO: How to Develop a Growth Mindset | Labfresh”

  1. Thanks for this! Too many growth teams jump straight into optimising some micro piece of their funnel. We need to take a step back and think about the overall experience.

  2. 1. (1:18) Whatever you want to do, do it on a micro level to know if it works or not, without investing a huge budget.
    2. (1:36) Talented is someone who is driven. Their mindset is not to quit until it's solved.
    3. (1:49) The hacker mentality to an efficient organisation: If you are given a task, you go straight into it and google your way through obstacles. There are no excuses, everyone works independently and it is efficient.
    4. (2:20) The trick to performing multiple experiments simultaneously, "Measure everything, keep checking the data".
    5. (2:30) If you have a master's degree but don't know how to create a Facebook ad, then you are not hireable. These tasks(whatever they do at their company) cannot be taught (Google all day, learn it on your own).
    6. (3:00) Growth hacking is very radical. Do not waste it test tiny things that don't impact the business.
    7. (3:32) If you are a leader and manager, then you need growth marketing too.

    Summarised it for the people who had difficulty in understanding.

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    If you find any mistakes, please let me know in the comments.