VIDEO: How to Create Video Content Ideas | Where should I start?

VIDEO: How to Create Video Content Ideas | Where should I start?

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How to Create Video Content Ideas | Where should I start?

Coming up with video content ideas for online video marketing can be tough! In fact, great video marketing starts with great video content ideas. In this video, Paolo explains how he creates content ideas and gives his video marketing tips for 2018!

Getting started with video marketing can be harder than other types of inbound marketing as the process can often be more complex. We hear this question a lot…

Where do I start when making a video?

Starting a video process can be really overwhelming, and as Growth experts, we don’t want to lose too much time just getting through the ideation phase…

Throughout the history of digital video production, many videomakers and marketing professionals relied on the idea that outlining the main elements that compose a video can help you find the right path in the making of videos.

But to make a great video for business we need to ask the following 5 questions:

– Which step of the pirate funnel is your customer in?
– What’s the genre you think works best for your target audience?
– Who will be your main character then?
– Which setting will come most naturally to your target audience?
– What kind of emotion do you want to convey in this video?

Link to video cheat sheet ?

This is the most powerful thing about the cheat sheet is you can even decide to start from something that already exists to create something completely new, instead of creating the video idea from scratch!

I’m not saying say that anyone can make videos and even professionals make mistakes, especially during the ideation phase.

Which is why we, as growth experts, prefer to find these types of frameworks and cheat sheets to support us in the phases of a creative process.

If you aim for perfection in the video process, you might come up with a video that fits your audience perfectly. But then you might find that your audience has already changed! So be fast, effective, and allow yourself to make mistakes and experiment a lot.

let me know what you think about this cheat sheet in the comments below, if you have created something with it, or if you use a different process to get content done!

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