VIDEO: How to Build a Self-Learning Organisation

VIDEO: How to Build a Self-Learning Organisation

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How to Build a Self-Learning Organisation

Adaptable companies need adaptable people. The reason why so many companies fail is because they forget to focus on the individual – quite literally the human resources that are the glue that holds the company together. Find out more here: or get in touch via [email protected]

By building a self-learning organisation where every individual has that drive to learn – that growth mindset – you can build a self-learning organisation with a growth mindset that adapts quickly to the ever-increasing rate of technological change and grows faster than the competition.

Fast-growing companies such as Skyscanner, Airbnb, Facebook, LinkedIn are all setting up internal academies and spending a huge amount of resources on training because traditional educational institutions just aren’t fast enough to deliver. But getting started with training is difficult. That’s why you need a training partner.

Embedding learning will help HR to hire and retain people who have that crucial growth mindset. Start to build a self-learning organisation today.


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