VIDEO: How To Be a T-Shaped Marketer – 15 Necessary Skills

VIDEO: How To Be a T-Shaped Marketer – 15 Necessary Skills

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How To Be a T-Shaped Marketer – 15 Necessary Skills

Introducing the new T-Shaped Marketer – 15 Necessary Skills!
Is your skill-set cutting edge? How do you rank on these 15 necessary skills? TAKE THE QUIZ:

If you’re a marketer, growth hacker, technical marketer, product owner, or just alive and employed – you need to be more technical, more creative in marketing, data-driven & psychological than ever before. We’ve entered a new way of working.

Why? Because as the technical marketing and technology landscape evolves, so too does the skillset required of so-called ‘full-funnel marketers’.

Those who have a grasp on the new skills necessary to master to stay relevant are known as T-Shaped Marketers. But the question remains – How to Be a T-Shaped Marketer? We’re not saying there’s a magic formula, but you could start with these 15 necessary skills.

* Hint* A T-Shaped Marketer is focused on staying up to date on new trends, new tools, and especially, the new ways of working..

For years we’ve helped define and train T-Shaped Marketers and we’ve seen them become a company’s secret weapon.

But as T-Shaped Marketers become more and more important, the landscape continues to evolve and we see the skillset of a T-Shape Marketer increase.. which is why we update the t-shape player on a yearly basis – and this is our updated T-Shaped Marketer for 2018!

Also discussed in this video:

marketing automation tools
data-driven marketing
creative marketing ideas
the education system is flawed
retention ratio
landing page optimization
growth hackers
how to become a technical marketer
full-funnel marketing
new ways of working
technology landscape
consumer behaviour in marketing
machine learning
customer acquisition channels
customer lifecycle

People with these skills, right mindset, and a suitable process are a rare breed.

Do you tick all the boxes?


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