VIDEO: Growth Hacking Gifts: Growth Tribe’s Favourite Hacks of 2021

VIDEO: Growth Hacking Gifts: Growth Tribe’s Favourite Hacks of 2021

Cool Growth Hack:

Growth Hacking Gifts: Growth Tribe’s Favourite Hacks of 2021

For this video, we’re going to give you something a little bit different than usual. We thought that talking about Elon Musk being the person of the year, or all of the things that you already heard on Google Search videos is a bit, well, done already.

So that is why we are going to give you actionable tips! Think of it as some Growth Hacking gifts for the holiday season!

So here are some actionable tips you can apply for your business. Here are our favourite hacks of 2021, as a gift!


Resources mentioned in the Video:


Our favourite growth hacking tips from 2021 include:

GT Metrix: How to speed up your website
Email hack: How to get unlimited free trials
How to spy on your competitors emails, website and ads
How TikTok works (And why is it bigger than YouTube)

Give these hacks a try, and let us know what you think!

That’s all from us for 2021. Thank you for joining us and watching over the past year.

We wish you all happy holidays!


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7 Replies to “VIDEO: Growth Hacking Gifts: Growth Tribe’s Favourite Hacks of 2021”

  1. Your of videos with David were exponentially better than these. If these are seriously your best then 2021 has been a bad year. Shame, you raised the expectations so high in your previous video series that you've managed to fall very very far short with this short one.

    Your videos used to be must see. This one is sadly lacking.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, however, generally speaking, I recommend reducing the speed rate of the speech especially when English is not a native language. I would apply the best practices of public speaking to help an audience understand more clearly. I hope this helps to improve the quality of your channel!