VIDEO: GDPR Implications for Marketers

VIDEO: GDPR Implications for Marketers

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GDPR Implications for Marketers

GDPR comes into effect in May 2018, but what is GDPR? and what does ensuring GDPR compliance mean for Marketers?

The EU GDPR for Marketing means change. First of all, Marketers must now get permissions from users to hold their email and personal data. No more soft-opt in forms, you must now get much stronger consent from ‘hard opt-ins’.

Secondly, customers must be able to easily access their personal data, see what data you have about them and ask for it to be deleted if necessary. This could mean including unsubscribe links on your email marketing campaigns and giving customers access to which data you have about them and where they can delete it.

Finally, Marketers should only ask for data they actually need. The idea is that Marketing teams should only focus on collecting data they really do need. Your UX designers and data scientists will thank you!

GDPR 2018 will affect any Marketers and Marketing teams targetting customers in the EU – this could be Marketers, Product Owners, Lead Generators, Marketing Automation Experts and anybody that has an interaction with the customer.

Join David as he explains in more detail about the GDPR Implications for Marketers and how some marketing tools used for lead generation and email guessing may be hit hard.

If you don’t comply with GDPR it can hurt a lot! The fines are up to 4% of your global annual turnover or 20 million, whichever is greatest.


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9 Replies to “VIDEO: GDPR Implications for Marketers”

  1. Great video. One thing you've missed is, if audited, companies will have to present audit trails showing consent being acquired legitimately And renewed every so often. So CRMs will have to adapt to store and present this data more easily soon.

  2. Nice video. Sounds similar in impact than another European legislation that had a high dev cost in 2017 on banking software: MIFID2.Interesting to see how those laws can boost or kill a business. Strategy used in my company was to be a early player talking about the impacts and solutions, allowing them to become a reference on the topic and therefore gain in visibility. Growth hacking using new legislation opportunities 🙂