VIDEO: Engineered Marketing | Side Project Ideas for Growth

VIDEO: Engineered Marketing | Side Project Ideas for Growth

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Engineered Marketing | Side Project Ideas for Growth

Side project ideas (Engineered Marketing) can be great for growth. New side project ideas can help you generate new leads, attract new customers and increase your referral traffic.

Engineered Marketing is a form of content marketing coined by Brian Clark (Copyblogger). It is essentially the golden rule of online marketing in 2018.

“Give something valuable away in order to sell something related”

In this video, our side projects marketing expert Camiel talks about the potential of side projects for the growth of your company and side projects ideas.

What is Engineered marketing?

It’s building small tools and resources that attract customers and don’t feel like marketing.
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It’s giving a first taste of a complex product. An idea of what it does or what problem it can solve, this is also lead generation.

By giving something away for free, you are creating a need for your actual product or service and driving referral traffic to your main website. A nice side effect is that you establish yourself as an authority within this specific niche.

The customer acquisition cost of Engineered marketing is close to zero … it’s the gift that keeps on giving.
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Let us know what your experience is with engineered marketing and your side projects ideas by commenting below!

Topics covered in this video include:

Side projects ideas
Engineered Marketing
Generating new leads
Attracting new customers
Increasing referral traffic
Content Marketing for growth
Side projects marketing
Side projects for growth
Decreasing customer acquisition cost
Marketing Automation
Tools based marketing


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