VIDEO: Data Visualization: Keeping Data Viz Simple!

VIDEO: Data Visualization: Keeping Data Viz Simple!

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Data Visualization: Keeping Data Viz Simple!

Data Visualization charts. There are just too many to choose from!

We are overwhelmed by the number of existing options. The current guides and “cheat sheets” have too many suggestions.

As a consequence, we have a hard time trying to match data visualization charts with specific types of information from a dataset.

Hence, in this video, we suggest a new experimentation approach to solve it, and to keep your data visualization simple and easy to understand.

Let’s dive in!


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An audience “accepts” a data visualization when there’s engagement and the insight is easy to understand and remember.

First up, what you should know first before prototyping your data visuals.

This might sound cheesy but you need to understand your audience.

The first thing here is to identify the ACTION you would like the audience to take after seeing your visuals.

Next to that, you should have identified the INSIGHT.

The last one of the prerequisites is to have agreed on the METHOD

Now that you have a clear idea of your prerequisites, let’s take a look at the possible charts to prototype.


Instead of trying to find the most suitable type among hundreds of options, experiment with these 3 efficient types of explanatory data visualizations:

We like to call them The Minimalist Charts. Simple and efficient.

A Bar chart
Easy to visualise group differences in levels.

A Line chart
Easy to visualise evolutions over time or to summarise relationships.

BAN (Big Ass Numbers)
Simple, intuitive and easy to memorise.

Our next step is to start prototyping the effective data visualization.

Follow these best practices:

1) Make use of visual cues to drive the attention of the audience.
2) Second, Explain with Text.
3) Reduce Clutter
4) Most importantly for your success – embrace peer review


We have compiled all these steps for you in our latest version of the Data Visualization Guide, which we have been using in our own practice and training.

You can download the guide by clicking the link above.

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