VIDEO: Can Machines Be Better Than Us? – A.I. for Business (Episode #1)

VIDEO: Can Machines Be Better Than Us? – A.I. for Business (Episode #1)

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Can Machines Be Better Than Us? – A.I. for Business (Episode #1)

Welcome to our brand new series AI for Business. We start by asking the question can machines be better than us? There are many applications for Artificial Intelligence in business and marketing but some AI technology is more mature than others. So, should you adopt AI?

In this video, we look at the developments of AI in business, the future of marketing and how far Artificial Intelligence has come as a marketing tool. In this first episode, we will look at the business applications of image recognition and natural language processing, if it’s currently better than humans at executing the tasks and the benefits of early adoption.

We start by looking at the most mature and widely used area of AI for business which is predictive analytics. Here, there are very mature areas like lead scoring, customer segmentation and CLTV prediction.

We then go on to explore other areas like natural language processing, Psychographic personas and image recognition that are still relatively underused and less mature. To actually assess the potential of these technologies to reshape the future of marketing practice we must compare the performance of these technologies to those achieved by a group of skilled humans when they perform the same task. In simple terms, can a machine be better than us?

For natural language processing and image recognition for business, this is not that clear-cut yet.

Topics covered in the video include:

AI for business
Can Machines be better than us
Marketing application of AI
Should you adopt AI
Artificial Intelligence
AI in business
Marketing tool
Development of AI
AI for business
Customer segmentation
Psychographic marketing
Image recognition
AI technology
Future of Marketing
Bayes Error
Image recognition for business
Natural language processing
AI for non-coders
Cloud AutoML
Lead scoring
CLTV prediction


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