VIDEO: Bonus Copywriting Tools & Tips to Absolutely Nail Your Copywriting!

VIDEO: Bonus Copywriting Tools & Tips to Absolutely Nail Your Copywriting!

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Bonus Copywriting Tools & Tips to Absolutely Nail Your Copywriting!

A marketing guru once said that the best five skills to get into marketing are copywriting, copywriting, copywriting, copywriting…well, you get the drift.

Why is this so important? Because copywriting is used throughout the entire funnel. And you can make a big difference by communicating effectively to your ideal persona.

Alright, so let’s talk about top-of-funnel copywriting.

And why it is so important to nail your unique selling point straight from the beginning.

Let’s do it!


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Every single website has what we call a negative ageing effect.

This means that when people land on your page, they take no more than five seconds to understand two things.

First thing first, what are you guys selling? So are you selling a service a product? What is it? What does it do?

This is usually done quite well by most businesses.

The second one, though, is where we start to see some holes in your copy. That is, can you explain what your unique selling point is? What makes you different from your competitors?

Nowadays, there are lots of tools out there that can help you nail your copywriting for these points.


Copywriting Tool #1 – UsabilityHub

With UsabilityHub you can put a design in front of a testing audience for five seconds, and then ask them those two questions.

What is the product or service offered by this page?
But also what makes that product unique?

The results then tell you how easy your copywriting is to understand. How well you are communicating your USP.

Copywriting Tip #2 – Eye Tracking & Headlines for Landing Pages

A lot of studies have been done with eye-tracking on websites, and 78% of people are attracted straight to the first headline.

So that headline needs to be what your product or service is, and also, what is the unique selling point.

What we’ve seen from experience is that a lot of websites usually do the same mistake.

So they usually have the first headline, with overcooked, inspirational bullshit. And the second one is usually a description of the product.

The biggest growth hack we’ve seen in terms of lowering your bounce rate is to switch them up, it’s as easy as this.

Copywriting Tip #3 – Nail your CTA

Well, a CTA is a call to action.

So put the action within the CTA.

If you tell your potential customer to “test it out” or “try it out” or similar, then his is way too vague, way too broad, and people won’t know what to expect when they click on that CTA.

Keep it simple and say what it is that they will do.


So that’s it for our Bonus tips and tools to nail your copywriting.

You can download the resources by clicking the link above.

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