VIDEO: Behind-The-Scenes of Growth Tribe | Always Be Learning

VIDEO: Behind-The-Scenes of Growth Tribe | Always Be Learning

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Behind-The-Scenes of Growth Tribe | Always Be Learning

As 2018 draws to a close, we decided to share our learnings from the past year in with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the people behind our company, courses and growth academy. Bring on 2019 and another great year of learning!

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Ever wanted to know more about the people who make Growth Tribe who we are? You’re in luck! Paolo and Louise grabbed their cameras to take you on a tour of our campus, ambushing unsuspecting Tribers along the way.

Being part of a fast-paced tech company and running courses in growth hacking, A.I. and blockchain alongside our growth academy means that we really need to know our stuff. For us, learning in 2018 meant reading the best books on conversion copywriting, getting to grips with time management tools, creating new growth hacking resources and developing a strong company culture with good company values.

With insights from our co-founder David Arnoux, our digital marketing team, growth specialists, growth consultants, talent acquisition specialists, Growth Tribe’s head of data science, a variety of trainers, HR, operations, sales and more, we’ve a lot into our best of 2018 video!

How was your learning in 2018? Did you discover any new growth hacking tools? How about exciting books? Let us know in the comments!

We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for our growth academy. Hopefully, we’ll see you on campus soon!

And remember: always be learning!


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12 Replies to “VIDEO: Behind-The-Scenes of Growth Tribe | Always Be Learning”

  1. Excellent video and interview clips with some of the people who work and propel and navigate the company. The focused hard workin and dedicated personal – the moving gears of the company . Their vision for themselves and for people who will attend GROWTH TRIBE classes to strengthen their skills and to put into application immediately what they have learned and been taught. "THE AIM OF EDUCATION IS ACTION".I believe this is what people receive from the classes offered at Growth Tribe. One of the things I thought extremely important and valuable viewing this video is the amount of people reading cutting edge books expanding thier knowledge and vocabulary.LEADERS ARE READERS & READERS ARE LEADERS . One more saying I have learned in life and will leave you with is "If you think education is expensive try ignorance!" Great video into a superb company working hard now with vision for the future..Thanks