VIDEO: AI Impact on Jobs & the Skills of the Future

VIDEO: AI Impact on Jobs & the Skills of the Future

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AI Impact on Jobs & the Skills of the Future

Recently, we’ve been hearing a lot of talk about AI impact on Jobs and what the skills of the future will look like!

In this video, we are going to explore what the AI impact on jobs will be, identify which jobs in the future will be affected by automation and discuss how we can resist AI taking our jobs by developing the skills of the future!

We start by looking at how AI for business is going to impact the future of work, and more specifically, identify which jobs will be impacted by the business application of artificial intelligence and automation in the next few years…

We then ask the question – can businesses, workers, and social institutions pace in the same direction as AI and how can businesses help workers learn the skills of the future?

It’s a thought-provoking topic but the answer may lie in lifelong learning. The skills of the future will be constantly evolving, to stay ahead and protect our jobs from automation in the future workplace we must to, constantly evolve!

Topics covered in this video are:

AI impact on Jobs
Skills of the future
ai and jobs
jobs in the future
ai taking jobs
job automation
lifelong learning
future of work
automation taking jobs
future workplace
Artificial Intelligence

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14 Replies to “VIDEO: AI Impact on Jobs & the Skills of the Future”

  1. Nicely put! We forget the employer/worker dynamic is mostly set-up to serve the employer. That won't change ever (sadly) but, what will change are the types of employers.
    AI empowered employers will be driven to drain their workers even more efficiently than now, just to compete. Ultimately, they will become the suppliers of ultra-cheap products for the ultra-underemployed consumer. And that's my point -there's a negative feedback loop built-in. 🙂 Let's hope we don't introduce legalisation which turns it into a positive feedback loop!