VIDEO: AI for Marketing & Growth #0 – Applications of AI in Business

VIDEO: AI for Marketing & Growth #0 – Applications of AI in Business

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AI for Marketing & Growth #0 – Applications of AI in Business

AI for Marketing & Growth #0 – Applications of AI in Business

Welcome to our brand new AI for Marketing & Growth series in which we’ll get you up to speed on the applications of AI in business! This series is a you-must-watch-this-every-two-weeks sort of series or you’re gonna get left behind.. Artificial Intelligence & machine learning marketing waits for nobody!

A.I. is a hot topic at the moment. But most of us don’t have a clue of the implications of it. In this series we’ll explain the most important concepts of AI for Marketing and AI for Growth to you on a bi-weekly basis starting with episode #0 – Applications of AI in Business!

Artificial Intelligence is a marketers secret weapon right now, as even though it’s already in use in thousands of big companies around the world, most big opportunities have not yet been tapped. Now is the time to get ahead of the game and stay ahead by learning about the possibilities of AI for marketing & growth – unlocking the secrets of Artificial Intelligence marketing & machine learning marketing will give you a strong competitive advantage that only early adopters will hold!

The applications of AI in business are plentiful, and in this initial episode of our AI for Marketing & Growth series we’ll introduce you to exciting new opportunities for marketers just like:

Using psychographic personas to win elections
Predictive analysis to forecast which products need re-ordering
Algorithmic analysis for product recommendations
Predicting Customer Lifetime Value
Predicting churn rates
Natural Language Processing
Image recognition

Excited?! So are we.. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to get a first look at our next episode – you don’t want to miss this series. Oh, and if you want to check out some of the articles mentioned in the video – here they are:

2:22 Did Trump Use AI to Win the Election?
2:29 Amazon Uses AI & Big Data to Accelerate Profits –
2:40 How Germany’s Otto uses AI –


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6 Replies to “VIDEO: AI for Marketing & Growth #0 – Applications of AI in Business”

  1. I'm still waiting for an AI that on the basis of a probability algorithms just buys things for me when it knows (with a fair amount of certainty) I need it and can afford it. Two birds in one clap: 1) Get stuff when you want it without doing a thing for it; 2) manage your wallet since the AI knows when buying something does not affect you in a negative way.
    Who is working on that??