VIDEO: 9 Tips to Nail your Webinar Strategy

VIDEO: 9 Tips to Nail your Webinar Strategy

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9 Tips to Nail your Webinar Strategy

For the past year, we have all noticed a huge increase in online events such as webinars, and here we will give you some tips to nail your webinar strategy.

We will give you some tips to rock your webinar strategy and explain how we scaled our webinar acquisition at Growth Tribe by 1,200% organically.

So let’s do it!


Webinar tip number one:

Who are the people you want to target? You need to identify the right demographic data that will allow you to invite the most relevant people by knowing where they hang out on the web or offline.

Webinar tip number two:

It’s super important to know the exact touchpoints of your signups to measure which one of your communication actions add the most impact on the signup rate.

Webinar tip number three:

If you want to optimise your attendance rate, you must send reminder emails give them the ability to add the event to the calendar in a few clicks

Webinar tip number four:

Content is key for an online event. So think of the struggles and objectives your personas are having and create content based on that framework

Webinar tip number five:

This is one of the most important parts – feedback is essential if you want to improve the quality of your events. So make sure you collect qualitative feedback.

Webinar tip number six:

It’s now time to thank your attendees for spending time with you during this webinar and ask them for their feedback again, to give them some additional tips in case they missed it at the end of the conference

Webinar tip number seven:

Now it’s time to study your data to understand what worked and what didn’t. And finally, get your learnings your UTM tracking will help you understand from which source you had the best participants that actually converted into MQL or clients.

Webinar tip number eight:

It’s now time to implement your learnings by focusing on the channels which actually worked the best.

Webinar tip number nine:

Automate everything that can be automated to focus on more value-added optimisation. When you find your way of promoting your events, you need to automate your low value and repetitive tasks.


That’s it for this set of tips. Let us know how your webinar strategy has improved, and any tips you have.

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