VIDEO: 9 Copywriting Tools and Tips to Absolutely Nail your Copywriting!

VIDEO: 9 Copywriting Tools and Tips to Absolutely Nail your Copywriting!

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9 Copywriting Tools and Tips to Absolutely Nail your Copywriting!

Copywriting. Lots of you out there may think there are a gifted few, let’s say 1% of the population who can write impactful, beautiful copy. And the rest of us can only watch on as we are left behind.

It’s not true. Everyone can be a copywriter to some degree.

These days there are lots of tools out there that can help you quickly fix most copywriting processes.

So you too can write copy that sings. Or at least doesn’t embarrass you with basic grammatical mistakes.

So let’s dive in!


Resources mentioned in the Video:


Copywriting Tools:

Copywriting Tool #1 – Grammarly:
No list of tools on copywriting is complete without a mention of Grammarly. It allows you to see all your mistakes in grammar and spelling, and is free!

Copywriting Tool #2 – Hemingway Editor
Just like its namesake, Hemingway shows you how to write copy that is simple and easy to read. It shows you the readability and tips on how to improve.

Copywriting Tool #3 – Articoolo
Just type in a few keywords and this AI-powered tool will do the rest. You will get a ready-made article, although will need to tidy it up before publishing.

Copywriting Tool #4 – Headlime
Another AI-powered copywriting tool. Headlime is a great tool because it also can do value propositions, blog articles, newsletters and so on. And uses powerful AI.

Copywriting Tool #5 – Crystal Knows
Crystal Knows is a real gem, because you can go on anyone’s LinkedIn profile and basically know exactly what their personality is, and then build persona’s for your ideal audience.

Copywriting Tool #6 –
This is a bit of a sneaky one. But can record voice notes, say from a meeting (get permission first). Then from this, you can run the notes through IBM Watson to get a persona of that person. Another route to persona building.


Copywriting Tips:

Copywriting Tip #1 – Use copywriting formulas
Journalists use copywriting formulas and potions all the time and so should you! We have linked some in the resources list above.

Copywriting Tip #2 – Keep it simple
This is not a novel. This is not a short story. This is not a script. It’s actually business-oriented copywriting so you need to keep it simple!

Copywriting Tip #3 – Take risks
There’s a couple of examples out there that actually worked great because they took a bit of risk to make it funny or a bit evil, but at least people remember it!


So that’s it for our list of the top copywriting tips and tools!

Don’t forget to download the resources list above, and comment, like and subscribe if you enjoyed the content!


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