VIDEO: 9 Blockers to Rapid Experimentation – Setting Growth Teams up for Success

VIDEO: 9 Blockers to Rapid Experimentation – Setting Growth Teams up for Success

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9 Blockers to Rapid Experimentation – Setting Growth Teams up for Success

Growth Teams often face blockers to rapid experimentation, we see it all the time. But for Growth Teams to be successful these blockers must be overcome to give them the freedom they need to conduct rapid experimentation.

We find that often growth teams face resistance from the business when trying to set up business experiments & growth hacking strategies. However, the problem is if organisation don’t buy-into the new way of working it becomes difficult to execute successful growth hacking.

Growth Teams must be given the support and freedom they need to conduct growth experiments & rapid experimentation. So join Luke as he explains the 9 Blockers to rapid experimentation and how to set your Growth Teams up for success.

The blockers covered in this video are:

1. No full team dedication (too little time to focus on growth experiments)- Growth teams need room and time to experiment & growth needs to be their biggest allocation of time per week, organisations must try to book out dedicated time for growth teams and give them support from other teams.

2. Not enough resources or time from supporting roles & departments (especially IT) – Growth Hackers must have support from all departments including Sales, I.T, Data, Art Direction, Customer Care, Development & QA teams.

3. The immune system of the company is not set up for Growth Hacking – It’s important that you get buy-in from all departments including Branding, Legal, Compliance, Governance & Procurement

4. The C-Level executives are not aligned – This is one of the biggest blockers, if the C level execs are not on board and don’t feel your pain your task of running growth experiments is going to be an uphill battle.

5. Ranking process (egos get in the way of data driven decisions) – you must ensure that the highest paid people in the room don’t make all the decisions, use data driven decision making to justify where to spend time.

6. Agencies get in the way (Business Growth is too important to be outsourced) – By using consultants or relying too much on agencies you lose the data and the control. They hold the data and make things slower (they send reports and no access to raw data). It adds another layer of communication making it hard to conduct Growth Hacking experiments

7. Set up reporting properly – without data you are just guessing, you must have access to all hard and soft data as without this you won’t know if an experiment worked and why. The key to rapid experimentation is to find what works and replicate!

8. Doubt and uncertainty – one of the most common problems faced by Growth Hackers, as stated your organisation must support them and buy into a culture of experimentation. Remember, it’s ok to fail!

9. Teams can’t execute – a big problem that we see if those organisations don’t have the skills to get shit done, it’s important to set up Growth Teams with all the skills needed to Growth Hack successfully.

Let us know any problems you have been facing implementing growth into your organisation in the comments below!

Topics covered in this video:

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8 Replies to “VIDEO: 9 Blockers to Rapid Experimentation – Setting Growth Teams up for Success”

  1. Really like the idea of coming up with 7 experiments to see what the bandwidth is in which you can experiment without running into issues with e.g. Legal, compliance and branding. Keeps the speed high!

  2. loving your channel, have been regular for a while, I am thinking to work as a company earlier I was doing under my name itself; can you guide to some video/article/knowledge of yours which can help in naming a business

  3. Great stuff again guys! Original content. There where some nice eye openers. Combined with fun side solutions like the fail party calender haha awesome. Keep it up!