VIDEO: 15 LinkedIn Profile Tools to Optimise Your Profile

VIDEO: 15 LinkedIn Profile Tools to Optimise Your Profile

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15 LinkedIn Profile Tools to Optimise Your Profile

15 LinkedIn Profile Tools to Optimise your Profile



We listened, and we’re back with a second video packed with tips, tricks and tools that will get you the most out of your LinkedIn profile. Download the full list here:

We kick off with a crucial topic: automation, and how it’s done correctly.

LinkedIn has been busy flagging automation tools, so it’s time to be more careful than ever.

Jean shares a bunch of excellent LinkedIn tools to help you optimise your profile, filter posts and get useful data from your efforts on LinkedIn.

Want a better understanding of the actionable metrics for LinkedIn? Explore our most significant engagement find in the past weeks: documents.

Remember what we said in our last LinkedIn video: the number one success factor on LinkedIn is value. Don’t post generic content with no value.

Did you know that LinkedIn is allowing its users to swap the connect button with the follow CTA? Take a look at some of the most helpful new features that help you build value and boost your LinkedIn profile. The power of the platform can be leveraged by building a strong LinkedIn marketing strategy, but consistency is always paramount.

What’s new on LinkedIn? This is similar to Facebook and Instagram – you can now see current running ads on LinkedIn. We’ll also go through the pros and cons of running LinkedIn ads.

We would love to hear your thought in the comments below! Remember you can access a list of all the resources we mentioned plus some bonus ones around LinkedIn optimisation by following the link in the description above!


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  1. Disagree with "Sent from my iPhone"
    A user doesn't care which platform you use, (and it is even boasting.) Is the last line of the message you leave on their mind.
    "Encrypted," or something else will serve you better.

  2. Holy crap, great advice! I just started adding content to LinkedIn. What do you think about embedding our YouTube videos in articles? Would it work better to upload natively?

  3. You guys are really getting on my bad side with this email wall crap for the list of tools. I've probably already given you my email many times too. But I don't want to be doing every time anyways, use some automation like logic hop to track my visits and allow me access or something. Its just frustrating, and makes me leave your videos. When I also am the same person who watch 20 of your videos straight #watchtime

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