ROCKSTAR ENTREPRENEUR TIP: SEO Keyword Research in 2-Minutes

ROCKSTAR ENTREPRENEUR TIP: SEO Keyword Research in 2-Minutes

Check This Out:

Want to rank more stuff on Google? How do you pick Keywords that make sense?

What’s the best/easiest strategy?


Look for 2 things:

1. Look for high buyer intent

2. Look for Easy wins (low competition)

Here is a short video that will show you exactly what to look for. This will be very brief. Under 2-minutes, in fact…

Now What?

See this recent post on exactly how to get top rankings in a matter of minutes…


All right. I’m on Google right now, and we’re going to do a little test real quick. We’re just going to show you real quick how this keyword research thing works. Look, I just started typing in the word Invisalign, and you can see I’m already getting some suggestions here. You see right there, the very first one is quotes. Let’s pick a city. Let’s do Dallas. If I do Invisalign quotes Dallas … We know people are searching Invisalign quotes, so why wouldn’t they be searching in Dallas? I’m getting all these results here, sure, but what I want to do, speaking of the word quotes, I want to throw quotation marks around this search. Let me go ahead and get up here in the front of the search here. It’s a little tricky on the mobile device, but I’m going to go ahead and hit search. This is going to tell me how competitive this is, and you’ll see. Look right there. No results found.

Now, I’ve already established that just because there’s no results doesn’t mean there’s no traffic. We already saw in Google’s suggestions that people are searching for Invisalign quotes. This would tell me right here. When I throw Dallas in there localizing it, this is a solid buyer-intent keyword that I can plant my flag right here. I could plant a flag right here. This is a great keyword if I’m trying to build up some sort of digital property for an orthodontics expert. Yeah, this tells me one, there is search traffic for this because it was in the suggestions, and two, there is no competition, so I can win this very fast. That’s a quick, little crash course in how we do almost all of our keyword research. This is Ben Littlefield reminding you to keep on rocking.

See this recent post on exactly how to get top rankings in a matter of minutes…


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