Office Space: Don't buy the wrong Gaming Laptop

Office Space: Don't buy the wrong Gaming Laptop


Don't buy the wrong Gaming Laptop

Right now is a great time to buy a gaming laptop, but don”t overpay for something you dont need! Heres a quick guide to help you out.
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If you’re playing the newest games, there’s nothing like a laptop that has the processing power to keep up. With a 9th Generation Intel® Core™ processor has the power to meet all of your gaming needs, and more: multitasking, streaming, and recording. Gaming laptops with 9th Gen Intel® Core™ processors help you do it all without compromise.
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4 Replies to “Office Space: Don't buy the wrong Gaming Laptop”

  1. i have Legion Y740 with 9750H/RTX2060/16Gb/1Tb Ssd, at first, it was perfect, i love the design, look profesional and stuff, the SKU is great, the only mistake Lenovo made was in the upgrade menu, if you buy this laptop, do not ever Upgrade the system such as BIOS, Lenovo Vantage, because if you do the upgrade, you will lost a lot of great feature from Legion Y740, your laptop become so much hot, noisy, and laggy, the solution is to backflash the bios, so the great and excelent feature is available, i don't know why Lenovo is stupid enough to make some upgrade that will make your Legion Y740 become useless and lost so much great feature

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