INSPIRATION: Nintendo Could End The Console Wars If They Did This

INSPIRATION: Nintendo Could End The Console Wars If They Did This

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Nintendo Could End The Console Wars If They Did This

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7 Replies to “INSPIRATION: Nintendo Could End The Console Wars If They Did This”

  1. This hypothetical “plan” hinges on tactics that FAMOUSLY don’t work in video games and is a quick way to exhaust an audience. Just because you can put out literal garbage at an excessive pace (because let’s be real, it would be), it doesn’t mean you should.

  2. Nintendo entire reason they are still around is because people trust that things that are Mario are going to be good.if you make so many things you can guarantee they quality. Even if there have been a few bad Zelda and Mario games when you think Mario you think quality. This would cause the downfall in Nintendo in the video game market. Why do you think the Nintendo switch is the highest selling console of the past 4 years. It’s because people wanna play Nintendo games because there good and exclusive on the switch. Doing all this would destroy the brand. You are a good business man but you don’t know anything about Nintendo