Guide: Selecting Cosmetic Surgeon – Nose Jobs

Guide: Selecting Cosmetic Surgeon – Nose Jobs

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First Thing First…

What areas of my nose can I change?

Different areas and issues of the nose can possibly be addressed during a rhinoplasty operation. Your surgeon will recommend what can be addressed following your consultation

Realistic Expectations

Some patients want to achieve a celebrity’s nose, a modified image from a nose job app, or a certain look. Whilst these may be used as reference points, patients can not expect to achieve this exact shape. Nose enhancement should be an improvement of what you currently have, as opposed to producing something brand new or a carbon copy of another nose. With subtle changes, your nose will be enhanced, but with natural looking results and you will still appear to be you. In devising the procedure plan, your surgeon will importantly ensure that your nose will agree with the rest of your face. Creating more balance among your facial features is the overall goal of rhinoplasty– if it is too wide or has a bump or your nose may not balance well with your other facial features.

Your consultation.

The only way to find out what can be possible for you is to arrange a consultation with an expert plastic surgeon. The nose job specialists recommend thorough research to find a specialized, highly experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, to ensure you achieve the best possible results for your profile and natural-looking results in harmony with your face.

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Also ensure that the surgeon you choose has been registered with the appropriate credentials.


We advise that you arrive at your consultation with an idea of what you wish to change and discuss your preferences so your surgeon can help achieve your desired outcome. But also do have an open mind. Your surgeon will discuss what areas of the nose are possible and suitable to be addressed in rhinoplasty, and recommended changes to be made.

Typically, three main rhinoplasty or nose job surgery types are offered, addressing these concerns– a standard rhinoplasty involving full nose correction, rhino-tip (addressing the nostrils and tip) and septo-rhinoplasty.


If your concern is the bridge of the nose, rhinoplasty can resolve several issues including a crooked, depressed, humped or irregular large nose. If your nasal tip or nostrils are your areas of concern, surgeons can also address these individual issues. Surgery can help resolve a bulbous, irregular or too far projected tip. With patients’ whose nostrils are too wide and disproportionate, surgery on this area is also possible. If appropriate, your surgeon may recommend a full nose correction including the bridge and nostrils or tip. If you want to achieve balance in the nose, your surgeon may advise this.


You may be wondering what rhinoplasty can do for your nose, what parts are possible to change, and what kind of look you can achieve.

The Private Clinic offer important advice about your rhinoplasty expectations and the different options you have in terms of how the nose may be reshaped.

Your research to find a cosmetic surgeon should include reviewing surgeons’ work online, including before and after photos. You may also find Real Self helpful, which provides patient reviews and before and after photos.




Septo-rhinoplasty, however, addresses breathing difficulties in the nose, including repairing a deviated septum. Some patients seeking to have rhinoplasty for aesthetic reasons may also be recommended this.


As well as restrictions for these reasons, there are also restrictions on what can actually be achieved, set by your nasal structure. Your nasal structure creates limitations on what is possible and what it can support. This includes its bone structure, flexibility, facial skeleton, cartilage thickness and how oily or dry your skin is, and these all impact what is possible to be achieved.





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