Growth Hacks: Workflow: What’s new in Q2’2021?

Growth Hacks: Workflow: What’s new in Q2’2021?

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Workflow: What’s new in Q2’2021?

Let’s talk about the best new features in the second quarter (Q2) of 2021.

Workflow is the end-to-end platform to manage content production and roadmap at scale: from strategy mapping and editorial line selection to creating, distributing, and analyzing your results. All in one place!

If you are not using it yet, request a demo and learn how the platform can help you.

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Top features

Content Security and Usability

Content comes in all forms and information: a blog post, a press release, an investor update, a minute and more. Some of them require a high level of security and protection. And we wanted to step up our game to provide such peace of mind to content teams. This quarter we reinforced this content security, adding:

1- Option to manually save content when data has not been auto-saved.

2- Security pop-up when users try to exit a screen that has unsaved information.


Content production is not only writing. A great piece sometimes has a multiple-step workflow involving edition, designing, information verification, optimization, approval, translation, scheduling, and more. With that in mind, we set out to focus on improvements in all stages of content production. Starting with the redesign of hyperlinks and comment flow. Now, when users add a comment referencing a piece of content, both the comment card and the snippet are highlighted.

Featured Images

After all the positive feedback on the Publishing settings, now it is also possible to add featured images to blog posts even if there is no active integration with a blog or CMS.

Calendar Update

From now on, any content type you create will be showing up in your calendar. Just set up a publishing date for your piece of content and it immediately shows up on your calendar.
If you have your final destination integrated (WordPress, Social Media, Hubspot), and your piece has gone through all the steps of the workflow, it gets automatically published.
If you haven’t integrated your final destinations, this can still help you visualize everything that is scheduled to happen throughout the month and plan accordingly.

Account Settings

Workflow’s users use Gravatar to edit their profile icons on the platform. We’ve also added an option into Account Settings that redirect our users to Gravatar to add their profile icon.

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What did you think of the top features for this quarter?

Got any questions or suggestions for us? Feel free to ping us at [email protected]

We’re always happy to chat and hear your thoughts!

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