Growth Hacks: What’s new in Workflow — By GrowthHackers?

Growth Hacks: What’s new in Workflow — By GrowthHackers?

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What’s new in Workflow — By GrowthHackers?

What’s new in Workflow — By GrowthHackers?

A quick walkthrough of new features and changes in the first quarter (Q1).

Workflow is the end-to-end platform to manage content production and roadmap at scale: from strategy mapping and editorial line selection to the creation, distribution, and analysis of your results. All in one place!

Our team selected a small number of the most important updates made in the first quarter of 2021 (Q1).

Top features

Interface transition

In this quarter we’ve focused on checking features flow transition between classic and new interface. With the update, the entire experience with Workflow, whether on the platform or in the email notifications, is done through the new interface.

Ideation section

The Ideation section has been redesigned. Now teams can receive content ideas, approve and send them to production as a few-step process. Any actions taken by users get saved, so you know precisely what happened to that piece (who approved, when it was approved, when it was sent to production, who participated) across the entire production cycle.

SEO Ranking

From now on, you can segment the SEO Ranking feature to the specific country you are focusing on ranking. All countries and languages are available as an option so, if you are in Brazil, trying to rank for a Portuguese world, you can use the filters and keep track of how your domain is performing for that specific region and language.

Sort function

In addition to improving the loading speed of the Execute list, we’ve also added the sorting functionality to the columns in the list view of Idea and Execute sections.

If you want to reorganize your entire backlog of ideas or of pieces being produced by, who suggested, by idea title, by content title, or any other variable — making it easier to find the exact information you are looking for.


Focused on creating an even better experience when you look for our content professionals. Our marketplace page has been redesigned and has added new fields, like ‘Tags’, ‘Categories’, ‘City’, and ‘Country’. Check it out!


Aiming to provide better control over each user level of access, we have released a new version of User Permissions settings. Now, aside from the existing options, you can also select which roles can or cannot participate in each Content & Steps as well as Subtasks permissions.



The public API also comes with a much-requested improvement: Ideas Section.
This improvement means you can connect Workflow with any external tool to input and/or manage new ideas.

So, for example, if you want to input new content ideas from your slack organization or with a proprietary internal tool, or even with a widget in your blog/portal, that can be done through the new API.


Zapier is a very powerful tool that organizes and allows you to instantly connect Workflow with 3,000+ apps to automate your work safely and effectively. From now, you have more data options when setting up action.

When choosing a Workflow’s trigger related to the ideation, at the time of setting up the action of a chosen app, in addition to the data options already available:

Now, you can also choose to add:

And, when choosing a Workflow’s trigger related to the content, at the time of setting up the action of a chosen app, in addition to the data options already available:

Now, you can also choose to add:

What did you think of the main features of the Q1 for Workflow?

If you are not using it yet, what do you think of sign-up and know how the platform can help you?

Feel free to ping us below in the comments 🙂

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