Growth Hacks: What’s New in NorthStar — Q2’2018

Growth Hacks: What’s New in NorthStar — Q2’2018

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What’s New in NorthStar — Q2’2018

Well, the most obvious change is the new name! NorthStar reflects a shift to help companies bring a company-wide focus to sustainable growth. Sean Ellis, our CEO, talks about the direction of the product in his post.

The software now supports teams in monitoring a single North Star Metric representing customer value, creating and tracking objectives to focus execution, and managing a process for sustained experimentation and learning.

This post is gives an exhaustive list of things that have changed with the release of NorthStar. Here we go!

North Star Metric (NSM)

The North Star Metric is the single metric that best captures the core value that your product delivers to customers. Optimizing your efforts to grow this metric is key to driving sustainable growth across your full customer base.
~Sean Ellis

Track and share your product’s North Star Metric growth.

We now visualize progress for this critical metric for your entire team to see within the software. Objectives and experiments related to your NSM are mapped below the metric so you can see correlations in your team’s efforts and movement in your NSM.

The new spreadsheet view allows users to easily edit and enter in new measurements of the NSM. Bulk import historical NSM measurements with a CSV, by linking a Google Sheet, or our preferred method…

Behavioral Analytics Integrations

Cutting and pasting data stinks, and your analyst has better things to do. We are releasing an integration with Amplitude, Mixpanel, and Kissmetrics. You can tie your NSM or any Objective to a custom event count or metric.

Our Amplitude integration has an additional benefit of being able to bring in Weekly Active Users and Daily Active Users as a NorthStar metric.

We have more behavioral analytics integrations coming so let us know in the comments what you’d like to see!

Objective Updates

Simplified creation of Objectives

Creating Objectives for your team should be simple. We streamlined this process, removing some steps and adding recommended metrics for your goals. Add up to 3 metric goals for Objectives, and use our new spreadsheet view to enter and edit metrics.

Confidence ratings for Objectives

Similar to ICE scores for experiments, we added Confidence scores for Objectives to help teams set ambitious but achievable goals. We recommending tuning your Objectives so that you have a confidence of five or a “50-50″ shot of achieving them.

Productivity Updates

Sub-tasks for Cards and Experiments

Subtasks within an idea card & experiments.

You asked for it! Cards can now have assignable sub-tasks with due dates. We’ll send out reminders emails the day before its due and on the due date.

Dropbox and Google Drive Attachments

Cards can link to original documents from Google Sheets and Google Doc documents. Assets, collateral, and videos in Dropbox can be linked, too!

Google Optimize and Optimizely X integrations

Link A/B and multi-variant test experiments from Google Optimize and Optimizely X to cards in NorthStar to share the results with your team. Optimizely Classic is still supported, as well.

Other integrations you may have missed:

  • Asana integration: Push a NorthStar card to an Asana task
  • Trello integration: Push a NorthStar card to a Trello card
  • Zapier integration: Dream up your own integration into NorthStar or use one of our zap templates to integrate with Github, Airtable, and your team’s other tools.

Important changes for “Projects” customers

For our customers that have been with us, we strove to make the changes intuitive for you, but here are some important things to note.

  • Not a change, but a reminder we no longer have “per-seat” billing, so invite everyone in your company that has a role in your product’s growth.
  • ‘Projects’ are now called ‘products’ to reflect that each of your company’s products can have their own NSM, objectives, metrics, team, experiments, and learnings.
  • ‘Tests’ are now called ‘Workflow’. You’ll see some exciting new features that will reflect this name change in the coming weeks.
  • ‘Knowledge Base’ has been renamed to ‘Learnings’ to reflect that all learnings are good and experiments that didn’t work teach your team something new.

Other minor changes:

  • Attach a link (URL) to a card any time. No need to edit the card or objective.
  • New currency types for metrics: Swiss Franc (CHF) — Fr, Canadian Dollar (CAD) — $, Australian Dollar (AUD) — $, New Zealand Dollar (NZD) — $, Chinese Yuan (CNY) — ¥
  • You can change a card’s creator.
  • Optimizely X and Google Optimize integrations can now handle hundreds of experiments and web properties.
  • Objectives can be created without a metric goal.

Next up

We have a lot of exciting things on our roadmap including deeper metric integrations and features, helping you manage your growth meetings and team metrics, and a rewrite of our popular Slack integration. We’ll release more details on our blog soon.

Thanks for reading this far! If you have questions or think there’s a way we can better help you grow, dm @johnphamvan or email [email protected](you know our domain).

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