Growth Hacks: What’s new in NorthStar >Experiments — Q4’2019

Growth Hacks: What’s new in NorthStar >Experiments — Q4’2019

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What’s new in NorthStar >Experiments — Q4’2019

What’s new in NorthStar >Experiments — Q4’2019

We kept hearing our customers’ feedbacks and looking at our own data to decide what we would be building throughout this past quarter. The results — from a usage standpoint – were amazing so here’s a summary of what we worked on:


As we move forward as a company, as the market evolves, as new testing methodologies appear and as we increase the number of companies and professionals using our tools to reach their goals, the need for a more flexible solution becomes more evident.

To match and keep up to date with this ever-changing reality our tool name didn’t really represent the benefits we provide anymore. So we decided to change from NorthStar to Experiments.

Regardless of how you structure your growth team, how you call your process, which methodology you follow, we want to be able to help you organize it and maximize it! So if you are using North Star Metric, One Metric That Matters, Objective and Key Results, Obsession Metric, Scrum, Roadmap or whatever you want to call it — we will support you with Experiments!


It’s no surprise you can run your growth meetings through Experiments.
What I like the most about it, is the possibility of zooming out of your sprint and looking at the bigger picture (progress of your objectives and North Star Metric) as well as zooming in and looking at your weekly sprint (nominations, tests on up next, in progress, ready to analyze).
The good news is, now the meeting summary also shows your new learnings.
This makes reporting a lot easier for growth managers that can simply share the summary with superiors or customers and bring them up to speed about the new knowledge acquired.


In the old days (last quarter) you literally had to ask our team for anything financially related, this is no longer needed!
Now users have full control over their financial activity. It is all available under your own account (for the account owner):

  • Want to add, change or delete your credit card?
  • Want to check your previous invoices, values, dates?


Growth teams sometimes rely upon other area’s resources to execute an experiment. To preserve their own workspace while still collaborating with other teams (breaking silos), we created the PUSH integrations.

Those integrations allow them to effectively communicate with different tools, such as JIRA (mostly used by product teams).
The integration previously allowed them to send information (task) to other teams and, from now on, the information comes back once it’s completed.

eg: you need to change something in the product so an experiment in your onboarding flow can be executed. For this, you need the product team to deploy something. You can simply create a subtask, push that info to JIRA and once it’s done, it gets marked as completed on Experiments as well!

For the next quarter, what you can expect from us is a new integration squad, dedicated solely for the purpose of adding more and more value to our PUSH and PULL integrations.

Any suggestions or requests? Reach out to us at [email protected]

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